After the Mission E, Porsche to Develop an Electric Supercar Platform for Sharing

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
after the mission e porsche to develop an electric supercar platform for sharing

Porsche is apparently working on a new supercar platform for itself. However, both Audi and Lamborghini are said to be able to get in on the action, too. The platform is an entirely electric one, dubbed SPE, and it’s to be part of Volkswagen Group’s “third-wave” shift towards a fully electrified fleet.

However, the platform’s existence was only officially mentioned in VW’s capital markets presentation from November. The report shows SPE coming into play after the solidification of the initial MEB platform and the establishment of VW’s PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture — intended for luxury segment models after 2021. As the third phase of the group’s electrification strategy, SPE-based vehicles likely won’t enter production until 2025.

Beyond the architecture being intended for sporting models, the capital markets presentation doesn’t provide any detailed information. Fortunately, Automotive News was able to get a senior VW Group executive to confirm that Porsche will front SPE development “for two-door sports cars and supercars.”

Last year, VW Group said it intends to produce more than 80 new electrified models by 2025 — including about 50 purely battery-powered vehicles and 30 plug-in hybrids as part of its Roadmap E strategy. The automaker aims to equip each of its group models with a full-electric or plug-in hybrid powertrain before 2030.

That would still place Porsche’s Mission E, which is supposed to be ready next year, on a timeline far too early to take advantage of the new SPE platform. Instead, it will remain on the bespoke “J1” platform, hinting at what’s to come. (Not to spoil the ending, but it will be more electrification.)

As for the sporting EV platform, a VW Group spokesman said it was much too early to provide further details. “We do not want to comment on future projects in detail at the moment,” he said.

We can, of course, speculate to our heart’s content. Lamborghini unveiled mockups for its Terzo Millennio concept EV last year and Audi needs a replacement for the R8 e-tron. While neither of those models are a shoo-in, both brands have shown a clear interest in building battery-powered supercars. In the interim, MEB will underpin the VW brand’s upcoming I.D. brand, along with all EVs for Skoda, Seat, and Audi.

[Image: Porsche]

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    Sub-600 wants you to know: "You can be virtuous in style now."

  • Arach Arach on Jan 12, 2018

    I feel like at this point the mission E should already be out. Its starting to take NSX-like rollouts.

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