QOTD: So, What Are You Really Looking Forward To?

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
qotd so what are you em really em looking forward to

No, we’re not talking about Christmas. Chances are you don’t have a hope in hell of getting what you really want under the ol’ tree this year. We’re talking about 2018.

A year of splashy new vehicle unveilings (or unauthorized leaks) awaits, starting just three weeks from now in Detroit. Are you as excited about the 2019 Avalon as the TTAC crew is? It’s all anyone can mention in our Slack chatroom. And what about the electric crossover promise from that automaker you’ve already forgotten about? Or was it that other automaker?

Jokes aside, what we’re getting at is this: are you looking forward to a reveal that’s not the 2019 Ram 1500?

There’s plenty still to come, though recently we’ve seen the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado and its questionable face, the uncomfortably named Nissan Kicks, the completely necessary BMW X2, and a next-generation Infiniti QX50 with a potential revolution beneath its hood, just to name a few.

There’s still plenty more cloaked mystery vehicles to get excited over. Like the, um, next-generation Volkswagen Jetta. Or … hmm … the next-gen Honda Clarity.

Maybe those aren’t good examples.

We can expect Ford to finally pull the wraps off its midsize Ranger in short order, though everyone knows it’ll just be an evolution of the overseas T6 Ranger that’s been around for years. Maybe Dearborn has a tease of the long-awaited Bronco for us in the New Year. There’s an Infiniti flagship concept sedan on its way, arriving just in time to witness the death of flagship sedans. Cadillac has its XT4 compact crossover spooling up, and if there’s one thing we know you love, it’s crossovers. Speaking of which, Lexus has a luxurious soccermobile ready for a Motor City closeup.

Or maybe the looming mid-engined Corvette has you wistfully swirling your eggnog this holiday season. The Jeep Wrangler pickup? We’ll surely get a peek this year. (Finally, no more camo-clad spy shots and artist renderings.) And that’s just a taste of the non-exotic.

So tell us, besides knowing that a certain relative is showing up at the dinner table this Christmas, what’s got you squirming?

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  • Derekson Derekson on Dec 21, 2017

    Mid-engined Corvette. Seems likely GM will try to pull off the same kind of show-stealing reveal that Ford did with the new GT.

  • Kato Kato on Dec 22, 2017

    - New Defender - New Bronco That's about it. Toyota keeps hinting that they're working on expanding their SUV lineup, but it's pretty unlikely they'll come up with anything not ugly.

  • Doc423 Well said, Jeff.
  • Urlik My online research seems to indicate it’s an issue with the retaining clips failing and allowing the valve spring retainers to come out. This results in the valve dropping into the cylinder.
  • EBFlex Typical Ford. For those keeping track, Ford is up to 44 recalls for the year. Number one recalled manufacturer (yet again) by a wide margin.
  • Lorie Did they completely forget the damn 2.0 ecoboosts that have the class action lawsuit? Guess those of us that had to pay out of pocket for an engine replacement for a fail at 76k miles are out of luck? I will never buy a Ford again.
  • Mncarguy I remember when the Golf came out and all the car magazines raved about it. I bought an early one in the mid level trim, brown with a beige vinyl interior and a stick. I must have blocked out a lot about that car, because the only thing I remember is one day with my wife and infant in the car, the brakes went out! I could use the parking brake and made it home. There must have been other issues (beside an awful dealer who felt like they were doing you a favor even letting you come in for service) because I swore I'd never buy a VW again. I did get a new Beetle and later a Passat. That's another story!