New Nissan Micra? No, but the Old Micra Will Stick Around in Canada

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
new nissan micra no but the old micra will stick around in canada

Nissan Canada has once again confirmed to TTAC that the next-generation Nissan Micra, already on sale in some global markets, is not destined for Canada.

The existing Nissan Micra arrived in Canada in 2014, some four years after Nissan first introduced the fourth-generation Micra elsewhere. Micra production in Mexico has slowed somewhat in the early part of 2017, along with a slowdown of Versa production, as Nissan begins building the Juke-replacing Kicks at its Aguascalientes plant.

But when we asked Nissan Canada’s director of corporate communications, Didier Marsaud, whether the fourth-generation, Aguascalientes-sourced Micra will continue to be available to Nissan’s Canadian dealers, the response was definitive.


The Micra was initially a proper success for Nissan Canada, bolstered by Micra Cup marketing, a sub-$10K advertised list price, and surprisingly jaunty on-road behavior. Nissan Canada eliminated the bargain-priced Versa sedan to make room for the Micra at the bottom of its lineup, and the decision paid off.

More than 10,000 Micras were sold in Canada in its first twelve months.

During its first full year, 2015, a total of 11,909 Micras were sold, enabling the model to outsell the Mitsubishi Mirage by more than three-to-one and the Chevrolet Spark by nearly eight-to-one. In 2015, the Micra accounted for nearly one-quarter of Nissan Canada’s passenger car volume, easily outselling every Nissan car besides the Sentra.

Not unpredictably, Micra volume tailed off in 2016 as demand for passenger cars declined precipitously. The Micra’s 29-percent drop through the early part of 2017 is even more severe.

Yet, for the time being, Nissan Canada will continue to source fourth-gen Micras from Nissan’s Aguascalientes A1 Plant.

As for Nissan customers in the United States? Not gonna happen.

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  • Ad Ad on May 28, 2017

    Poor Canadians. The new K14 looks pretty cool. This is model pretty awful, but if the only competition is the little mitsu why should Nissan worry? Canadians! Rise up (in the political sense) and demand new model Micra's now! Or just buy something else.

    • TonyJZX TonyJZX on May 28, 2017

      Yes, the new Micra looks pretty decent for a sub sub compact. I get that this kind of car has no relevance to America except for the kingdom of Quebec. Problem is its not leaving the EU until it gets built in Thailand or something. The Renault 900c turbo triple sounds like a nice thing but true to form its probably manual only.

  • Will C Will C on Mar 16, 2018

    Was looking to buy a new car this year. Looked at the Canadian website and it kept showing the old model. Now I know why, thanks! guess i wont be buying a small car from Nissan. Really sad that the "new thing" is not worth promoting here.

  • ToolGuy "Simply put, the world is changing, and our industry needs to change with it,"Q: How many auto execs does it take to change a lightbulb?A: 'Change???'
  • ToolGuy 134 cubic inch V6 with turbos and Firestone tires? Pass. 🙂
  • ToolGuy "Coolant ball delete" was new to me.
  • ToolGuy Cool.
  • Craiger I had a 2003 Z4 for three years. I didn't care for it. I should have driven it before I got it, but I didn't. I had driven a Z3 and liked it, plus my E39 530 was just coming off its lease, so I was pretty drunk on the blue and white kool-aid. I wanted a convertible. I cross shopped the 986 Boxster but the ergonomics weren't good for me, and that cheap 986/996 interior...The early EPS in the car was numb. Quite the let-down after the magnificent 530 mit der sport package. The run-flats sucked. I bent a 19" inch wheel 5 or 6 times in Manhattan with those tires. After the Z4 I got a Cayman S with 19s and never bent a wheel once. The Z4 came with the insipid clutch dampener, which Dave Zeckhausen removed for me at his house one afternoon.Other than that I liked the Z4. Nicely made, no service issues, nice engine and stick, fantastic rear suspension. The power top was fast. It was a nicely made car.I had driven a Z4M, which did not have run-flats, and which was fitted with hydraulic power steering, and that thing was sweet.