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The crossover is king and Cadillac doesn’t have nearly enough of them. As it works to correct that problem, the automaker hasn’t completely forgotten about the segment that once made it the first name in American automotive opulence.

As many of its models are now global, it’s not surprising our first view of the refreshed Cadillac XTS front-wheel-drive sedan hails from China — General Motors’ main growth engine.

Don’t expect massive appearance changes on the updated model, at least when viewed from the side. As we saw with a camouflaged example spotted by a reader while tootling around Chicago, the XTS’ flanks remain essentially unchanged, minus the addition of a fender crest.


The images, posted by China’s Autohome, do reveal the model’s adoption of certain CT6 and XT5 styling elements, bringing the aging XTS in line with the brand’s contemporary design language. A broader, more upright grille is flanked by Y-shaped headlamps, with a more aggressive lower bumper lending an impression of width. Out back, a sculpted trunklid and L-shaped taillights join a revamped lower bumper.

The XTS was thought to be doomed until GM eased back on cancellation plans. Thanks to its continued profitability, especially in China, the model now sits below the flagship CT6 and should soldier on with a new face for at least a couple of model years.

It isn’t known if the model will see new powertrain options when it appears later this year as a 2018 model. In China, buyers have a choice of a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder and nothing else. American buyers can choose from a standard 3.6-liter V6 or a twin-turbocharged V-Sport variant with 410 horsepower.


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23 Comments on “Facelifted Cadillac XTS Revealed, Livery Companies Salivate...”

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    Arthur Dailey

    I’m sorry, please forgive me, but I am from a generation where the phrases, “turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder” and “made in China’ should never appear in any sentence with the name Cadillac.

  • avatar
    SCE to AUX

    So sad, those eyes are.

  • avatar

    I really can’t stand the whole melted-boomerang-shaped headlight/taillight styling trend.

    • 0 avatar

      Agreed, Sloomis.

      As other commenters and I have observed in several past threads, facelifts worsen the appearance of a car the vast majority of the time. Even relative to that standard, this is bad.

      I realize the pre-facelift XTS skews unpopular around these parts, but style-wise I think it’s a reasonably successful combination of the Epsilon II platform, Art & Science design language, and ’65-’68 Sedan de Ville styling cues. This facelift ruins the de Ville part of that equation.

  • avatar
    Corey Lewis

    That tail light treatment is laaaaame.

  • avatar
    Kyree S. Williams

    I kind of like it, especially since the pre-facelift version has a grille that looks rather like a cow-catcher.

  • avatar

    I like the update.
    As to the engine choice, for shuttling passengers from JFK to downtown Manhattan, a 2 liter turbo should be fine. It only needs to run the A/C compressor and the alternator and be able to accelerate to about 25mph.

  • avatar

    Ruined what was otherwise a pretty decent-looking car.

  • avatar
    Middle-Aged Miata Man

    “…the model now sits below the flagship XT6 and should soldier on with a new face for at least a couple of model years.”

    That purported flagship would be the CT6, actually… once again demonstrating the confusing insipidity of Cadillac model names.

    • 0 avatar

      I don’t know how it’s any more complex then DeVille Seville Eldorado Fleetwood ETC SLS DTS DHS XLR Allante Cimarron ESCALADE & ESCALADE XL…but ok.

  • avatar

    So Cadillac took an MKZ and grafted a new schoz on it? Check out the mirror image side profile using the lead image and MotorTrend’s tester.

    • 0 avatar

      Not really. The XTS and MKZ both hit the market as ’13 models, and they don’t really look alike from the front, rear, or rear three-quarter view.

      This appears to be just a change, albeit a pretty awful one, to the XTS’s front and rear clips. The only sheet metal change appears to be the trunk lid.

      They do look alike from that front three-quarter view, though.

  • avatar

    One GM source said to expect the newer LGX and 9 speed to show up in this refresh. That would certainly be advisable but hopefully they remember the “off” switch for the stop/start!

  • avatar

    Makeup gun was set to-

    Nah, actually I like the updates.

  • avatar

    “HOW EMBARRASSING” should be Cadillacs new slogan….
    The update looks fine IMO, but if Cadillac keeps going with this china bs I’ll be done with the brand(yes i realize that they won’t care much less notice).
    Currently own a 2014 XTS & was excited to read on this one….now I’m sorry i did. I for one wont be purchasing ANY car, let alone a Cadillac, made in Gina.
    Some global parts are fine…but it needs to be built in the US or Canada…might be time for me to look at German….we shall see.

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