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2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Sport

Ask any real estate agent worth their salt and they’ll tell you the easiest way to increase the curb appeal of an aging house is to slather it with a new lick of paint. With a trifling of effort and minimal investment, new sets of eyes will be drawn to the place.

With that in mind, may we present the latest special editions — sorry, factory-custom designs — headed our way from the truck builders in Auburn Hills.

Boasting nary a mechanical upgrade, the Ram 1500 Sublime Sport features similar bright green paintwork made available on past copies of the Dodge Challenger, delighting many leprechauns right out of their lucky charms. Ram’s twin-nostril sport-performance hood is standard, as are blacked-out badges on the nose, side, and tail. Two-wheel-drive Ram 1500s will enjoy inky black 22-inch rimz while those in the snow belt will be forced to endure the indignity of mere 20s on their four-by-fours.

2017 Ram 1500 Sublime Sport

Inside, lime green stitching will pepper the interior, reminding you you’re piloting a factory-custom design, just in case you lose sight of the eye-popping exterior paint for a second. If you want to trade some green for this green, you’d better get in line: they’re only making about 3,000 of them, all of which will be the Crew Cab body style with a Hemi under the hood, natch. I only wish they had introduced this on St. Paddy’s Day.

2017 Ram 1500 Rebel Blue Streak

Across the showroom, the Sport’s heavier brother also gets a new coat of Sherwin-Williams. The Rebel Blue Streak dips the aggro-heavy trim in a pot of dark blue paint to go along with its factory lift, 33-inch all-terrain tires, and Bilstein shocks. Like a sommelier offering to pair your antipasto with a specific wine, Ram pairs the Blue Streak shade with the recently introduced Black Appearance Package. This slaps some black go-faster decals on the hood and spritzes some black paint on the rims and badges. Other than the new hue, however, no other changes are made to the truck. The red trim found on the seats of other Rebels is vetoed, although the embossed tire-tread pattern remains, because reasons.

We may scoff at these factory-custom designs but the sales data doesn’t lie: FCA sold 46,384 Rams to American customers in the month of March. That works out to roughly one truck per minute, around the clock, seven days a week.

The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport will start at $45,740 plus $1,395 destination. The Rebel Blue Streak is $645 cheaper. Both should appear in Ram stores beginning next month.

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21 Comments on “NYIAS 2017: Ram 1500 Sublime Sport, Rebel Blue Streak Take Lickings (of Paint), Keep on Ticking...”

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    I like the idea of adding more color options to the palette, even if I’m not a fan of a specific color. The colors I prefer are rarely available on cars and trucks, either because they’re simply not in the palette at all or are so pale or subdued that they don’t look like a color at all. The burgundy red used on the current Jeep Wrangler is a color I frequently buy on my cars but even that color is currently missing, replaced by “Firecracker Red”, which is louder than I prefer. Meanwhile, the Renegade has a darker, “Colorado Red” which isn’t bad and their “Omaha Orange”, which is one I would readily drive (but which my wife doesn’t like despite a darker version being used as highlights in the Granite Crystal model we own.) The new Compass, too, has a fair selection of colors… though I could go for additional shade of green besides the Olive in a brighter shade like Fescue Grass or Spring Maple. And I don’t care what anyone else says, a nice Oak brown or Cherry Wood would be a color to work with, too.

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    The Rams aren’t bad looking trucks from most angles, but that grill… Both the normal one and the Rebel one look absolutely awful.

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    I liked the yellow one from 2016 more.

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    They also just announced a new colour “Delmonico Red” for Rebel and Limited. Of course, that colour was already available for other trim levels, so I presume not offering it before was just a marketing decision.

    The RAM letters on the Limited tailgate can now be ordered in body colour instead of chrome, so they’re more subdued.

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    As wonderful as these new colors are, the mechanicals underneath the paint are still the same.

    The Fiatsler brand has earned its reputation, even more so since the acquisition of 2009.

    There’s a reason why Ford sells the most pickup trucks, and Tundra is the pickup truck of choice for the discerning half-ton pickup truck buyer.

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      Over 150,000 miles on our two Ram trucks – 0 problems.

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        kkop, that’s great! For you.

        I know a couple of people too who owned RAM trucks. They’re driving Tundra these days.

        Yes, they are contractors, and tow 9×14 dual-axle Haulmark trailers behind those Tundras.

        Some time ago, I helped a friend move from the NM Southwest to Pembina, ND, by the Canadian border, where he had inherited a farm/ranch after his parents died.

        So I put a lot of time behind the wheel of a RAM as I drove one of his RAM trucks towing his belongings.

        The RAM is not exactly the quietest, best-handling pickup truck on the road, and these two RAMs were built AFTER Chrysler became a subdivision of Fiat in 2009.

        Hey, I’m all about choice. Everyone should buy exactly what they want.

        The ’96 3500 RAM Cummins I owned was NOT problem free. The front end gave out one day in Grand Junction, CO and Simpson, the local dealer, was super helpful but I could not see putting that much money into a rattle trap.

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          I have two contractors working at my house right now. Both in nearly identical ~10 year old Dodge Ram 2500, Cummins, 4wd, extended cab.

          I was in the driveway talking to them. Contractor one was talking about how he’s got 200,000 miles on his truck with virtually no problems. Contractor two says that he’s on his sixth transmission.

          So not sure what to conclude! I guess that YMMV? Oh, and it does. Contractor one swears that he gets 22MPG in his truck. Two says he gets 16.

          • 0 avatar

            srh, don’t conclude anything. Sometimes it is just the luck of the draw.

            I, too, have friends and acquaintances who own RAM. Some swear by them. Others swear at them.

            I’m guessing here, but the guy with 16mpg probably has a faulty oxygen sensor on that Cummins. Or faulty metering.

            That is one of the problems a friend of mine had twice during the warranty period, with about the same mpg (15-16). I never had any problems with MY Cummins, just the RAM hardware/suspension.

            The guy getting 22mpg on the Cummins sounds pretty accurate. I was getting around 20, even idling that Cummins so as not to have to start/stop it between runs, sometimes for 10-15 minutes.

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      My father recently replaced his Tundra with a Ram HD.

      So far he loves the new truck, but we’ll see what happens as the years roll on. FWIW, it does seem screwed together better than my Charger.

      He would have stuck with Toyota but they don’t offer anything in the HD capacity range. He’d sooner light himself on fire than buy a Ford so that just left GM and Ram as contenders.

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        ajla, Fiatsler made YUUUGE improvements. inside and out, to the latest version of the RAM. The new versions are demonstrably better than the previous version by a wide margin. And the 5.7L Hemi w/VVT remains a tried and true favorite.

        That’s true about Toyota not making anything sturdier than a half-ton.

        So if I should ever need a truck with greater capacity, I will lose out on the Tundra as well. But given that choice, I’d go with a Ford F250 or F350.

        My oldest son bought an F350 XLT gas 4-door 4×4 Long Bed DRW for his cattle business, at Don Chalmers in ABQ . It’s one hell of a truck!

        It doesn’t skip a beat towing an eight-horse trailer with cattle in it up the mountain to the Reservation.

        One hell offa truck!!!

        Also the truck of choice for my Traveling Elks Brethren, towing their travel trailers.

        I drove it once. Too much truck for me.

        • 0 avatar

          F350 CC dually with a gas engine? That’s a rare truck!

          • 0 avatar

            srh, it is not that rare. But that’s probably why it was a left-over brand new 2015 model, well into 2016. Most buyers of that class want a diesel.

            The story goes that it was a special order for a guy in NM, but that he never came to collect it, so he forfeited his deposit.

            But who knows how true that story is, since it was told to my son by the sales manager?

            I think my son got a good deal on it, and the truck was for work anyway. Not show.

            There are a few of those gassers around. I know of two Traveling Elk of my Lodge that preferred gasoline over diesel power.

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      Fiat has been working its tail off trying to fix the disaster Daimler made of Chrysler, et al. From what I’ve seen, the Fiat-built products have been notably better than the Daimler-designed ones.

      • 0 avatar

        I thought they had a real winner with the Daimler-engineered Jeep Grand Cherokee.

        We had two 2012 models in our family and they held up pretty well. In fact, better than expected based on my prior experience with the Jeeps we owned in the past.

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          … And I had a Daimler-designed Jeep Wrangler with a handbrake lever so flimsy it broke off teeth when you pulled it up and never fully released again, causing the brakes to drag and forcing two full rear axle brake rebuilds within two years as the ABS system tried to balance the braking effort. It took three tries to find the cause of the issue and finally fix it.

          Outside of that, the JKU was solid as a rock despite people’s complaints about it carrying a “minivan engine.”

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    New colours and MOAR power.

    When will there be a new truck?

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    Looks more like Yankee blue to me.

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    “easiest way to increase the curb appeal of an aging house”

    But see, when that “house” is by far the best house in terms of value/drive-ability/powertrains/etc, you don’t change what works.

    So, in typical TTAC fashion, you tried to slam Chrysler by saying the Ram is long in tooth. But in reality, it’s the best truck on the market.

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