What Did Bark Buy?

Mark "Bark M." Baruth
by Mark "Bark M." Baruth
Mark "Bark M." Baruth
Mark "Bark M." Baruth

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  • 05lgt 05lgt on Oct 06, 2016

    Well, DUH, it's an FoRS, but ... what color is it?!? Damn it, I've played the clip 3 times and still want to hear it again.

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    • 05lgt 05lgt on Oct 06, 2016

      @dal20402 I used to want one. Not anymore. Now I want 2.

  • Mountainman Mountainman on Oct 06, 2016

    Lexus IS 350 F Sport. Easy on the revs there at cold startup. Wife does this ... she's killing me.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Oct 06, 2016

    It sounded a bit like my Aunt's '62 Studebaker Lark. Actually, it was the sound of my sister backing into it with her '57 Pontiac Chief. How can an engine be made to sound like that?

  • Josh McCullough Josh McCullough on Oct 06, 2016

    I'm gonna guess IS F-Sport.