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2017 Cadillac XT5 luxury crossover

It looks like Cadillac doesn’t think the Chevrolet Cruze is a suitable platform for a new luxury model.

A source in a story we ran yesterday claimed an internal program code that popped up at General Motors points to a new Cadillac model based on the Cruze’s front-wheel-drive Delta platform, but the automaker is now refuting the claim.

The “D2JL” code seemed to indicate a Delta-based hatchback Cadillac model, with another source claiming the model would likely contain a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine and eight-speed automatic transmission.

This is not correct, said Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell in an email to TTAC.

Caldwell wouldn’t go into specific detail about products currently under development, but said the brand’s near-future direction remains intact.

Cadillac is planning “a series of cars (bearing the ‘CT’ designation) and a series of luxury crossovers (much like the new XT5) underneath the iconic Escalade,” said Caldwell, placing emphasis on the current lineup’s rear-wheel-drive setup and shared architecture.

The new CT6 and XT5 sets the pattern for future cars and SUVs, he said, with a focus on “more sophisticated, lighter and more efficient” vehicles being Cadillac’s guiding principles.

We know more products are coming down the Cadillac pipe, but this sure decreases the likelihood of one of them being significantly downmarket.

Earlier this month, we reported on a new small Cadillac destined for GM’s Fairfax assembly plant in Kansas City, which bumped Buick LaCrosse production to Orion Assembly near Detroit to make room. The automaker didn’t disclose details on what form the vehicle would take, but said it would be due in about three years.

[Image: General Motors]

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39 Comments on “A Cruze-Based Cadillac? Automaker Says ‘No Way’...”

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    “Because what I want from a Cadillac is efficiency.”

    -Said nobody ever

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    Cadillac might be right. The brand does not enjoy the same acceptance bandwidth German premium brands have.

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      It would take them decades of out-Germaning the Germans to get acceptance in that niche, and then what?

      Is hoping-against-hope they can harvest high margins from cars with below average reliability and above average suspension tunings really a brand strategy?

      If they want to ape a luxury car maker, try Tesla. Tesla is an American company (Silicon Valley style), and the segments they’ve invented don’t have the same kind of entrenched competition as the Germans.

      I’d actually consider a Cadillac CUV that was trying to out-Tesla Tesla. New tech that you can’t get downmarket? Check. Something I’d actually want to show my friends under 40? Check. Swagger? Tesla got that. Green cred? No tailpipe == NIMBY goodness. An express ticket to a sci-fi future, rather than to a ticket into Tony Soprano’s past? Check.

      My advice to Cadillac:
      Make the market for premium cars bigger by serving new kinds of buyers, instead of squabbling over the same few customers who already buy German. They can already buy what they want. Dare to find new kinds of customers.

      P.S. I’m a Model 3 reservation holder.

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      Cadillac should forget about chasing the Germans and stick to what they know best. The $100k Ford F150 might be sucking all of the traditional American luxury buyers out of the showroom, but there’s always those who’d wouldn’t mind seeing the Escalade line expanded into smaller “Range Rover Sport” and “Evoque”-like models.

      Luke42’s Tesla angle seems like the right step, although Caddy would now look like a trend-following poser at this point. So forget about all-electric motoring — just start building the biggest luxury sedans and SUVs/CUVs with the biggest engines available and embrace the anachronism wholeheartedly. You are what you are.

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    Heck, they’re relaunching the Cavalier, so why not the Cimarron?

    What could go wrong?

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    I really liked Cruizillac, too !!!

    • 0 avatar

      For the record, I coined it (trademark pending).

      But I’ll allow its free usage anyways, because I’m not ego-driven.

      Also, my offer to Mary Barra still stands; I will take no compensation and turn Cadillac into a money printing press within 3 years, with my expenses paid by GM during that period.

      If I succeed, GM owes me back pay of 1 million USD per year, plus compensation in other forms of an additional minimum of 5 million USD per year, and they will then be obligated to pay me 2 million per year, along with an additional minimum of 7 million per year in compensation in other forms over each year of a guaranteed 10 year contract.

      I also don’t want to travel that much, and I want ZERO interference from anyone as to my decisions. Oh, and I want my own team of two dozen engineers and a dozen stylists that I am able to hand pick and hire, who answer directly and only to me.

      I also want doormats and urinals imprinted with the faces of ex-employees Johan, Uwe and Melody in Cadillac’s HQ.

      It would be the best decision Mary ever made.

      • 0 avatar

        Oh my god… you’re gonna MAKE CADILLAC GREAT AGAIN!

        • 0 avatar

          The new brand motto would be:


          Modern. American. Luxury.”

          That simple. And with the periods exactly as depicted.

          I’d make Cadillac 3 things above all else.

          1) Modern.

          2) American.

          3) Luxurious (I’d go further and make it opulent, but that word doesn’t work in the motto).

        • 0 avatar

          First, he’ll build a wall. And Lexus will pay for it.

      • 0 avatar

        DW, you have some, many even, valid opinions and sometimes you go apes**t, but I always take the time to read your comments. I actually do not doubt that you could turn caddy into a viable brand again, profitable is another matter but you could probably do it with enough time. But there’s the politics of it all, it’s like you haven’t even heard of corporate politics. What you suggest will never work just because of that.

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    So they’re not quite brain dead enough to charge $35K+ for a Cruze with a Cadillac badge. Good job, team. In the meantime, take 3 years, 4 years, however long you need to make this mysterious new small Cadillac. Take another five years to come up with something to compete with the Q7, XC90, and upcoming X7 and GLS replacement.

    Just do whatever. Everybody else is standing still, so there’s nothing to worry about. Oh wait, is that not what’s happening?

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      Do not, I repeat do not, underestimate the RenCen.

    • 0 avatar

      Yes they are. They don’t want the perception that they are building upon the cruze, but they will deal with that with PR rather than by actually NOT using the cruze platform. They’ll “increase structural rigidity” by 10% over the cruze and call it a new platform. Increase rigidity, same turgidity.

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    Cimmaron Redux.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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    The clowns at the nest of idiots at GMI are all over this with excitement – they even have a “chop” of how this wretched product would have looked like – and we have learned that Arts and Scientology (!) design does not work on small cars at all (not that it works on anything larger). I am sure those idiots will be near mass suicide with news that a CimarronTS won’t be around.

    I am gloating.

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    Wacko thought of the day: One has to wonder if this false rumor was the work of Jan De Nyssen solely to rev up Deadweight.

  • avatar

    Looks like we (TTAC+B&B) were PLAYED. Again !

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    “a focus on “more sophisticated, lighter and more efficient” vehicles being Cadillac’s guiding principles.”

    Aren’t those Mazda’s SkyActiv principles? Does this mean Mazda has finally found a partner?

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    “… with a focus on ‘more sophisticated, lighter and more efficient’ vehicles being Cadillac’s guiding principles.”

    No one that wants those things buys your cars. Embrace what you are. Offer a 5.3L in the ATS and the 6.2L in a “normal” CTS, you dorks.

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    It may not have been true but this rumor certainly entertained the Cadillac haters – so it has that going for it.

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    What was the ELR then?

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    I could see them building a small CUV off an existing FWD/AWD architecture. That would certainly make sense and likely sell like hotcakes.

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    Isn’t it most likely that D2JL refers to an XT3 model built on the same version of the Delta 2 platform as the Buick Envision and the next generation Equinox (and presumably GMC Terrain)? This is also likely the vehicle referred to in the earlier article on the future product at Orion Assembly.

    This would give Cadillac an RDX/NX/MKC competitor and would be FWD/transverse platformed just like the XT5 is.

    • 0 avatar

      No that one is E2UL. It will be built on the same platform as the new Malibu which is likely a reason it was moved to FFX. If this vehicle in question were a Cadillac version of the Envision, the code would be D2UL. The Envision is the D2UB. BTW the article is written incorrectly, LaCrosse production has been moved to Detroit Hamtrammck Assembly

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        There are no E2 SUVs; the CUV/SUV version of E2XX is the Chi platform (C1XX). The XT5 is Cadillac’s vehicle on this platform. A vehicle one size down have to be on D2UX.

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    GM is already making a small luxury car off the new Cruze platform – the Buick Verano. It’ll be here soon..

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    Wait – Cadillac wants to make luxury cars in the future?

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    No, they should build something based on the new Chinese Cavalier.

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    Well, if they did make it, they could call it the Cimmateraruze.

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