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Porsche Mission E

Porsche announced Friday that it would build its Mission E car — an all-electric sedan with looks that a Panamera would kill for — and sell the car by 2020. The Mission E concept was announced at Frankfurt earlier this year.

In addition to the car’s 0-60 mph time in under 3.5 seconds, the Mission E (no word on whether that is the final name) will also boast a 310-mile range and an 800-volt charge capability that could recharge the battery up to 80 percent in 15 minutes, providing you can find a charger for it.

Porsche didn’t announce pricing or availability yet, because presumably they’re figuring out exactly how much people will be willing to pay for the Stuttgart coat of arms and how many sales they’ve already lost to Tesla.

Porsche’s announcement may pose the biggest near-term threat to Tesla’s dominance of the luxury electric market.

In announcing the Mission E’s production Friday, Porsche also announced that it would spend $765 million to update its Stuttgart plant, including powertrain and body shop improvements.

That type of quick infrastructure spending is only something that deep-pocketed, established carmakers have access to, whereas Tesla’s portfolio is largely built slowly, model-by-model and without much of a net to catch it if the automaker stumbles.

Porsche’s Mission E is a significant step by the automaker, who only recently has devoted attention to electrification as a viable performance alternative.

“With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand. Even in a greatly changing motoring world, Porsche will maintain its front-row position with this fascinating sports car,” Wolfgang Porsche said in a statement.

Any guesses on when the next Tesla Model S will be coming?

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34 Comments on “New Porsche Mission E is a Shot Fired Up Tesla’s Nose...”

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    $165,000. They can remove the radio and the door handles for you, then it’s $190,000.

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      I think you’re low-balling there. Start at $200,000 base with the ability to option/decontent up to $300,000. Preacher’s high powered gas engines cost $150,000-$200,000. A high tech electric will easily cost more.

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      healthy skeptic


      What about the manual transmission?

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        Not available with this E, I suspect. DSG automatic only.

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          Every consumer-grade electric to date in this millennium (I think) has had direct drive–no transmission. Some prototype Tesla roadsters had a 2-speed automatic but in the end it was cheaper and more reliable to just beef up the electric motor and go with direct drive. it would be interesting if Porsche put in a transmission of any kind, but I doubt the benefits would outweigh the costs, weight, reliability, etc.

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            SCE to AUX

            Correct, although surprisingly, Detroit Electric is going to offer transmissions in their car:

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            For the el-cheapos (Leaf, etc.) there’s not a whole lot of reason to add a transmission’s weight. Most electric drivers aren’t going on highways, so you can just set up your gearing to keep you efficient under 45.

            For Tesla, they can’t figure out how to into controls or transmissions. (the electric motor builds torque fast) Expect Porsche to be able to into controls and transmissions.

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      No, Porsche and VW have considerable cross ownership

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        Does it really matter, Robert? If VWG has to sell off ANY marque, Fiat may have a chance to get what it wants without giving anything away to VWG itself (outside of some cash).

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          Do not see VW selling anything, but delaying infrastructure improvements, as they stated that is what is the real cost will be

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            I can’t say one way or the other, Robert. But VWG did say they would be willing to sell off assets and “badges” to pay the fine. So anything could happen, depending on how high the fine actually goes.

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    They will have a range that no one has yet achieved and charge in a manner that does not exist. Shall they also install their own charging network of these superchargers a’la Tesla?

    As posted in the first article covering this, calling this a threat to Tesla is like calling the 911 a threat to the escalade. While I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic car, it’s chasing hyper-sedans when most of the market has already refocused on CUV’s. By 2020 the model x will have had enough time to establish a foothold and if it’s successful I doubt a sedan costing three times as much while offering the same performance will hurt it.

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    2020? Just how long are Tesla owners expected to keep the Tesla? It was hard to find any lease information with a length involved, but the first hit was 36 months. I’d expect either a complete turnover of all Tesla model S cars, or their owners give up on electric and are salivating for Toyota’s hydrogen.

    Some history:
    2003 Tesla founded
    2006 Roadster revealed
    2008 Musk takes over: Roadster shipped
    2008 Model S revealed
    2012 Model S shipped
    2015 you are here
    2020 Porsche model E ships?

    The Porsche shouldn’t have trouble competing with Benz, Audi, Acura, and whoever. But they simply have the inertia of billion dollar companies (VW will take a huge hit, but does anyone expect a VW deathwatch?). Tesla doesn’t have that inertia and has to grow or die. Porsche really can’t use the Model S as expected competition, Tesla may either emphasize the model 3, launch another model S, or be dead. One thing they can’t do is stand pat with the Model S, which is what this article seems to assume (unless of course it is used a used Model S because Telsa is dead).

    Comparing any vapor Porsche for 2020 can produce to a current Tesla is asinine and this article should feel bad. Think before publishing a PR release.

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    SCE to AUX

    The Model S is a real 4-door car that can carry real people.

    Rear seat access in the mythical Mission E looks questionable. Also, does it have to look like a stretched 911?

    And… 2020 is an eternity away. This isn’t a serious threat to Tesla.

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      On looks and practicality, the Mission E seems to compete more with the BMW i8 than any Tesla. I know, I know, the i8 is a gas and electric hybrid.

      Anyway, I agree this isn’t real competition to Tesla. It’s actually good news for the electric car industry as a whole.

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      Vaporware from a company with no footprint in the electric vehicle space. I’m not saying Porsche won’t come up with something cool, but I wouldn’t dump my Tesla stock just yet.

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    I clicked through to this article really hoping to see a Dark Helmet/Spaceball reference

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    Holy hell that thing is sexy. Best-looking Porsche since the 959 IMO. Proportions are just RIGHT.

    I don’t even care about rear seat access or driving experience. Just want it for the looks.

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    Master Baiter

    I hope it has a raised suspension mode so you can actually get into the driveway without scraping the nose.

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    Ol Shel

    Way too much Jar Jar Binks in its face.

    Obviously, Star Wars was on the mind of its designers.

    Germans like David Hasslehoff…

    They probably think Jar Jar was cool, too.

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    Of course, Porsche may end up getting sold too, as VWG has announce that they would be, “… willing to sell off assets and badges (brands)” in order to pay its fines on “Dieselgate”.

    I hear FCA is looking for a partnership. I wonder if Porsche would help their bottom line?

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    The Mirai may be crazy, but this is just stupid. Some sort of reduction ad absurdum of car designed by ad hacks for a market dumb enough to believe them. P is going to loose the mojo that helps them recruit the best of the best, if they keep this up. Noone with options wants to spend their life working on laughing stocks, after all.

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    Teslas are ugly kit-cars and are not practical family-haulers in any way (as some comments above contend). A Tesla is like a piece of costume jewelry for the moneyed classes and my guess is members of that demographic will much prefer this far better-looking Porsche.

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      Manny, I really suggest you go look at and test drive a Tesla Model S for yourself. The capability to seat 7 (five adults and two children) comfortably kind of negates your “not practical family haulers” statement. I expect it’s a far better family hauler than this Mission E. We’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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    Just look at the german *actually available* electric cars and you’ll get an idea of the commitment german automakers have for e-mobility. Except BMW, it’s only announcements and showcars.

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