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2016 Volkswagen e-Golf

Fifteen leaders of environmental and health groups signed off on a letter sent to environmental regulators Dec. 18 asking officials to fully punish Volkswagen in response to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and others asking authorities to push for electric vehicles instead.

The letter, which was signed by the policy director for the Coalition for Clean Air and the director of the Sierra Club California, among others, calls for “vigorous enforcement of both criminal and civil laws” to deter actions like Volkswagen’s cheating of diesel emissions tests.

The California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed in September that Volkswagen admitted to fitting nearly 500,000 cars in the U.S. with an illegal “defeat device” designed to cheat emissions tests. In November, the agencies said an additional 85,000 cars with 3-liter diesel engines were cheating too.

The letter calls on environmental officials to force Volkswagen to offset its emissions in heavily polluted areas through “verified, enforceable contemporaneous pollution reductions.”

The letter from the health and environmental groups said the letter by Musk and other business leaders fails to address the health impact of Volkswagen’s cheating scandal, nor does the proposal offer any compensation to the “clean” diesel buyers tricked into buying those cars.

The letter by environmental groups to CARB said it supports more EVs, but said “VW’s punishment for knowingly violating California’s air pollution regulations should fit the crime.”

Source: Green Car Reports

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10 Comments on “Environmental Leaders Rebut Musk Letter to CARB...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Oddly, I have to agree with the greenies on this one.

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    Vw is already teasing battery electric porsche and audi models and has the ev golf on the market and they built the xl-1 sso its not like they are doing nothing. In other words they arent fiat chrysler….Alhough i would rather see that money go into r and d and ev fElephant man ‘with ‘trunk’ due to rare condition is revered as god…ast charge infrastructure, as that would be the greater good, letting vw off the hook for deliberate fraud would have far reaching implications.

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    George B

    Clearly Volkswagen will have to pay a fine and either bring the TDI models into compliance or buy them back. California air quality would be better if Volkswagen bought back old diesel engine cars and replaced them with new gasoline engine cars than if the old diesel cars were retrofitted. There might be some win-win deal where California accepts a lower fine in exchange for Volkswagen offering large incentives for consumers to trade in their old Jetta TDI for a new Jetta hybrid.

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    California air quality will not be better just by fixing a few thousand TDI engines. They are still clean and very efficient engines. Not until CARB reduces emission standards for all (factories, ships, trains, and semi-trucks that use diesel engines) will it make an impact. One semi-truck gives off the equivalent of 51 autos driving 45 miles. How many ships do you think are currently idling off shore waiting to come into port? All of them with diesel engines.
    Make VW produce and sell more zero emission vehicles for their bad behavior. Maybe even building a factory to produce them in California.

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      CARB is already doing that. They’ve forced all operators of older trucks to replace their engines with newer ones with more emissions controls.

      I heard on the radio just this week they are working to regulate the emissions from restaurant grills.

      Soon you’ll need an emissions device fitted to your ass as soon as you walk out of a taco bell in California

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    It’s funny when people who don’t matter write letters and petitions for business and legal transactions, like it makes a difference.

    Just the other day, a Facebook petition to save a radio station in LA from changing format. Yeah, your Facebook signatures matter, pleebs. The business deal is already done; ink is spilt and money has changed hands before you ever know about it.

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    One of the signatories to Musk’s letter is the Executive Director of the Sierra Club. Another signatory is the producer of Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. If they are willing to swallow their bile, the letter to the CARB must have some redeeming features. The letter is not addressed to the EPA which is probably a lost cause anyway. EPA gonna EPA regardless. If you are a Californian, is it more important to get an agreement for cleaner air sooner by advancing technology or to get revenge on those duplicitous Germans? Living far away, its not my call.

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    Sad battery-czar face?

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    Clean Diesel? I have this neat red bridge near S.F. I can sell you.
    Seriously, California has never met the Clean Air Standards and probably never will unless there is an apocalypse. Most of the things that are done are part of a wink-wink nudge-nudge deal with the Federal EPA. Chief among these are biannual emission inspections for cars and light trucks. So regular people get to pay for something that doesn’t do much because the Gov will not take on the Industries, shipping including railroads and airlines, agri-business, cement kilns, and so on.
    As far as requiring replacement of older diesel engines, this has been kicked around for more than three decades. Latest I read was that whenever a motor wears out it supposed to be replaced by one that meets the current standards. That’s going to take a long time. Everyday I get stuck behind some truck or school bus belching black smoke and giving me a headache.
    If you pay any heed to the media you would think that if you got within a quarter mile of a TDI you would be instantly asphyxiated. Most of them are probably cleaner than 70% of the vehicles on,and off, the road.

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    I’d trust Hitler before I’d trust the Sierra Club.

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