'Back to the Future' is Best With Eastern European Cars (Video)

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

The Internet flooded with terrible references to “Back to the Future” on Wednesday ( guilty), but the only one that really matters has no corporate tie-in, no thin threads to questionable technologies — hell, it doesn’t even have Michael J. Fox.

The best one of the day may very well be a re-enactment of some parts of the movies with Eastern European crapboxes.

The Polish remake, dubbed “Wreck to the Future” is all you need to scratch the itch you didn’t know you had. Let’s dissect.

With help from Warsaw Pact car aficionado Murilee Martin, we can identify some of the fairly terrible rides seen in the video.

• Doc Brown’s 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 = ~1983 FSO Polonez

• Doc’s GMC Value Van = Polski Fiat 124

• The Libyan Terrorists’ 1973 Volkswagen Bus = UAZ-469

… and so on.

In my opinion, the 1983 Fabryka Samochodow Osobowych Polonez is the true star of the show. Like the DeLorean, it probably couldn’t hit 88 mph either (top speed was 91 mph, brand new) and it probably ran on garbage gasoline from Eastern Europe in the 1980s.

Interestingly, the Polonez was produced all the way up to 2000-sh (with air conditioning!) and exported to countries all around the world who valued unfathomably slow Polish cars. ( One was up for sale recently on the East Coast.)

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