Porsche's New CEO Oliver Blume is a Company Man

Porsche announced Wednesday that Oliver Blume would succeed Matthias Müller as CEO of Porsche, after Müller left to [s]save[/s] head Volkswagen last week.

Blume, who is 47 years old, has been the head of Production and Logistics for Porsche since 2013, and was head of production and planning for Volkswagen before that. Blume was responsible for planning at Seat in Barcelona from 2004 to 2009, and worked on the Audi A3 before his tenure in Spain. According to Porsche, Blume has worked under the Volkswagen umbrella for more than 20 years.

Blume’s challenges at Porsche won’t be as extensive as Müller’s, but will be substantial. As CEO of Porsche, Blume will oversee the iconic 911’s shift to turbocharged four-cylinder engines, the next generation of Panameras and whatever comes of the Mission E electric car concept.

According to the statement announcing the hire, Porsche will invest $1.2 billion its manufacturing facilities over the next four years.

Blume also has the support of Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, which is probably helpful:

We have found the best possible successor for Matthias Müller considering (Blume’s) exceptionally high professional competence and pronounced teamwork skills.

Can’t get more glowing than “pronounced” teamwork skills, right?

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  • VoGo VoGo on Sep 30, 2015

    Wait. I knew the 911 was switching to turbos, but 4 cylinders? That's news. Wouldn't it have to be called the 912?

  • Kato Kato on Oct 01, 2015

    It's an error in this article I think. The linked article and every other article on the topic is reporting a move to smaller flat 6's with turbos.