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GT4 Stinger

Kia’s chief in the U.K. says the automaker will have a new sports car by the end of the decade, Autocar is reporting. Hyundai probably won’t.

The two reports roughly detail a global business case the Korean is making for a small, lightweight sportscar that would be sold worldwide and further positioning for the brands.

According to Kia’s chief in the UK Paul Philpott, the car would be based on knowledge gleaned from the Stinger GT4 concept car.

According to the Autocar report, the architecture for Kia’s car would be all new and not based on any current Kia model.


In April, Kia America’s head of product planning Orth Hedrick told Drive that the automaker would be bringing a car similar to its GT concept into production soon. It could be based on the Genesis Coupe and sport a V-6 under the hood. If that’s true, the new sports car due by the end of the decade would likely be a smaller, two-door version similar to the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ/Toyota GT-86.

At the other side of the building, Hyundai UK chief Tony Whitehorn admitted to Autocar that another sports car wouldn’t likely be in that brand’s future: “Not many people make money out of sports cars. The sports car market is shrinking dramatically, and even firms with heritage and a great product are struggling. Aside from the Audi TT and Mazda MX-5, it is a tough place to be.”

So it sounds like Hyundai will be firmly planted in its sub-brand N, which will launch around 2017, for the next few years.

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16 Comments on “Kia Prepping New Sports Car by 2020; Hyundai Isn’t...”

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    SCE to AUX

    Don’t hold your breath. Five years is a long time, and they’re already hedging on the business case.

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      A of mis-information floating around.

      Hyundai was never serious about a sub-Genesis sports coupe and the successor to the Genesis coupe is going to be – well, (this time) an actual coupe partner to the Genesis sedan (the current Genesis coupe is really nothing like the Genesis sedan).

      So, instead of an entry-level/compact-sized RWD coupe like the Lexus RC or the Infiniti Q60, the new Hyundai RWD 2-door will be a larger (midsized) coupe and will in all likelihood get the V8.

      Kia will debut a more production ready version of the GT concept at one of the upcoming autoshows with launch delayed to 2017.

      So, the GT is pretty much a done deal, but it is a midsize 4-door fastback and not really a sports car.

      The GT will not be based on the Genesis coupe, but instead, will be based on the Genesis sedan but a little smaller (and hopefully lighter).

      A smaller (than the Genesis coupe) Kia coupe along the lines of the GT4 Stinger isn’t totally dead as was initially reported, but at the same time, has not been greenlit.

      What has been greenlit is a sporty, subcompact crossover which probably will keep a lot of the styling cues of the Niro concept due to its positive reception.

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    So KIA’s developing a new sports car based on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
    But from the article’s title, Hyundai isn’t developing a sports car.
    How does this work?

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      The Gen coupe already exists, I gather that Hyundai just isnt planning any future new sports cars.

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      I suspect the next Genesis Coupe is moving more towards actually being a Genesis coupe, in other words a larger premium coupe albeit with powerful engines, than an actual “sports car” or whatever you want to call the current coupe.

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    I hope they stay pretty close to the GT-4 concept, I really like it. I would love a base model with a N/A engine, manual, etc. You can even throw steelies on it lol.

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    It looks vaguely like a Nissan IDx rendering, except that it’s not waggling its tongue out at me. So I guess we’ll get the IDx after all.

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    That side view strikes me as kind of a bonsaied Camaro but with better visibility.

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    A bit more information about the sub-brand “N” would be nice.
    Co-opting a letter and somehow expecting people to associate it with your brand will take quite a bit of work. Twko letters, such as MG, works, because it is not yet associated with other meanings.
    Maybe they can get Q, of James Bond fame, to introduce the new marque. Or better yet, one of the Muppets from Sesame Street.

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    I kind of feel bad for Koreans. They get the most boring cars to drive over there. Even the young, single guys that I knew over there with cars are driving Sonatas, in gray-scale colors, of course.

    The Genesis Coupe was the first respectable domestic sporting car to be available in that country. The Tuscany (aka 2nd generation Tiburon) at least had some looks. It would be great if they had the opportunity to buy that Stinger (us too).

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    “Even the young, single guys that I knew over there with cars are driving Sonatas, in gray-scale colors, of course. ”

    In early 2013 I was in the Osan/Suwon area south of Seoul and I saw plenty of young guys with Kia Forte Koups (no that’s not a typo). Especially in red.

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      I don’t recall seeing any of those. A few Genesis Coupes in the Myeondong area, and a Mustang once near Yeouido island (probably an American soldier’s).

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        When were you in Korea?

        My place in Seoul overlooks the Han river across from Yeouido Island. Whenever I step outside for a smoke break, at any given moment, there’s something interesting or distinctive driving by. Other day, I spotted a R34 Skyline GTR. Not to mention the wall to wall Minis Coopers.

        View from my balcony:

        overlooking what’s basically the main arterial road of Seoul, so I’d say I have a pretty good idea of what’s around since all I do is look at cars when I’m out there.

        Korea also probably has the highest per capita number of car customization shops I’ve ever seen, inclusive of Southern California.

        I probably saw more 100K+ cars, including Ferraris, Lambos, Audi R8s, etc on a daily basis when I lived in Hannam-dong, too. In fact, one of the worst things about that apartment was all the assholes revving their V8s and V10s coming down the tunnel after turning off the main strip of Itaewon every 30 minutes or so on the weekends.

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    Kia K4 or K6 I’m guessing? I’m not sure how big of a hit it would be in their home market. I hardly ever see any Genesis Coupes in South Korea and I’ve lived here for a few years now.

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