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Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang

Bugatti’s successor to the Veyron, the Chiron (are those pronounced similarly?) will reportedly cost $2.5 million, according to Car.

The hyper car, which was shown to prospective owners in France, will be a quad turbo, W-16 that produces more than 1,400 horsepower. According to the report, the car will make its debut in Geneva next year.

The price hike is roughly $200,000 over the Veyron, which started at $1.7 million and eventually ballooned to $2.3 million by the end of its production. While the price difference is enough for your own personal fleet of Volkswagen GTIs, how big does your yacht need to be anyway?

Car says that more than a few prospective buyers have raised their hands for the new car — somewhere between 10 and 99 (Double-digit isn’t a very descriptive modifier, Car) and that they expect the Chiron’s top speed to approach 300 mph.

Bugatti has said the plan is to build 500 cars — 1 Chiron for $2.5 million and 499 Special Editions that will cost much, much more.

A few prototypes have been spotted around Los Angeles International Airport and other locales, but it’s unclear how Bugatti will spit in the face of physics this time around.

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45 Comments on “You Can Pay $2.5 Million For a Volkswagen Now...”

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    I refuse to buy a car with less than 1500 horsepower.

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    how much money VAG will lose for every single unit of the Chiron rolling off the assembly line?

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    The 499 special editions will be the ones with the owner’s manual written in Arabic.

    Seriously, where outside of NASA do you obtain tires that can handle 300MPH?

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    As more and more boutique super/ hyper cars come out (or are just announced) that have ridiculous figures like this, I find it harder to care about any of them. I get it, we can push the limits. But these are cars that I’ll never see on the road, that may never be produced, cost ridiculous amounts of money to buy, and even more ridiculous amounts to maintain, and save for a few professionals cannot be driven at maybe even 50% of the full potential.

    If this thing takes the same amount of time to finalize as the veyron did, we’ll all be in self driven robot pods by then and it won’t even matter.

    I don’t want to be like the guys yelling at TTAC for posting certain stories or whatever, but seeing the price and proposed specs just struck the “why the hell do we care about yet another hyper car announcement” cord. Pushing boundaries I suppose…

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      SCE to AUX

      Very well said.

      500 cars falling into the ocean from a container ship holds much more interest for me. I won’t see them, either, but at least there’s a story to be told.

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      Brett Woods

      For the winners of the money hording game it’s a glorious flaming succubus to top this mortal plane with a cackling, pedal-to-the-metal fireball of perfection going 300 mph down a desert road to perdition while we char babies perish in vicarious reverie. The King is dead. Long live the King.

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      Seriously, these people are ruining and have ruined cars for me, it’s just not special anymore. Putting aside that the cars are just ridiculous as you pointed out, most of them are not driven and on top of that most of the owners aren’t even car guys, these things are basically produced so that billionaire a-hole #1 can try to one-up billionaire a-hole #2.

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        Agreed…as much as I like fast suopercars, this is the Hublot Big Bang King of cars. How ridiculous and expensive can we make for the Dan Bilzerians of the world. Meh…

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    300 mph. 1400 HP. Lotsa luck using that. Go buy an airplane.

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    Nobody with a $2.3 million car budget is gonna care about an extra 200k.

    Drop a few orders of magnitude and it’s the difference between $23k and $25k for us common folks (i.e. Not much…) Except we’re not paying cash.

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    What is this, Bugatti’s idea of a sitcom?

    Two and a Half Million!

    See how much the world’s elite will waste on a car that can’t possibly be worth that much!

    Maybe they can get Charlie Sheen for this one.

    Seriously, if you want me to spend $2.5MM for a vehicle, it better have armor and ordnance hardpoints.

    Cause you just never know.

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    These headlines about a so-and-so many million dollar Volkswagen will never get old, huh?

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    Was the name Chiron taken because it perhaps rhymes with Veyron?
    According to an internet search Veyron came from “Pierre Veyron, a Bugatti development engineer, test driver and company race driver who, with co-driver Jean-Pierre Wimille, won the 1939 24 hours of Le Mans while driving a Bugatti.”

    A Google search for Chiron says “In Greek mythology, Chiron was held to be the superlative centaur amongst his brethren. Chiron was notable throughout Greek mythology for his youth-nurturing nature.”

    So we have a limited run superlative Chiron that will nurture wealthy Arabs.

    Teutonic humour at its finest.

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      It probably is named for Louis Chiron, a French race driver. He won 22 grands prix between 1928 and 1949. He was a pretty good driver. He came out of racing still alive. His last race was the Monaco grand prix in 1958. He was 58 at the time, making him the oldest driver to ever contest a grand prix. He would probably like this car.

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        That’s right. Louis Chiron was a successful Bugatti race driver. So, what will be the name of the next Bugatti model? It would be nice, if they would name it “Nice”, a successful but unfortunate female Bugatti racer (cf.

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      What, was Chirac taken?

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      I think Chiron is pronounced somewhere between “Karen” and “Kieran” and would pass only a slightly similar sound to “Vay-Ron” without actually rhyming.

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    And yet, it will still burn a quart of oil every 1000 miles and be deemed normal. ;-)

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    Hybrids and then electrics will eclipse this form of crazy acceleration/top speed in the very near future.

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    Lynn E.

    $200,000 for the car, $300,000 for the tires, and $2 million for the mechanics and Ford Transits carrying parts. Remember, this is a Volkswagen.

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    …and another two grand for the premium package if you want leather.

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    I get my fill of dealing with bespoke custom engineered “masterpieces” at work.

    Mass market products are usually better engineered than these “masterpieces”, even if they’re optimized for a much more mundane performance envelope.

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    Rod Panhard

    So if you’ve got a $2 million car, how much do you need to spend on your wristwatch so the other owners of $2 million cars know you can afford it?

    And what about shoes? Do they match your belt? You didn’t get those glasses at Warby-Parker, did you? C’mon. I hope you flew here in your own jet, and not in a NetJet. What, you’re not shipping your Chiron to Nice for the winter? I know, the moorings there have gotten so overrun with all the riff-raff coming up from Africa these days, so we’re not bringing in Endeavor IV, in either. Oh, you haven’t seen Four? Well, we’ll just have you over next time we see you in Grand Caymen. Ta-ta fo rnow!

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    Neat, another toy for some hyper rich Emir with the blood of Americans all over his hands.

    These bastards shouldn’t be able to afford some 40 year old Peugeots…

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    “more than a few prospective buyers have raised their hands for the new car — somewhere between 10 and 99”

    so they will sell more of those than they will sell Phaetons?

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    I can’t muster any outrage over ostentatious items such as the Bugattis. This provides a living for many skilled people and is something like a capitalist potlatch.
    Money is like manure, it’s no good unless you spread it around.

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    Why not take the money and buy a real Bugatti such as the Type 35 or 57? They would be driven just as often, likely appreciate in value, and actually look good. Furthermore, operating costs would be much lower and no one is likely to key your paint for being too damn rich if you would ever park it unattended.

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