You Can Pay $2.5 Million For a Volkswagen Now

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole
you can pay 2 5 million for a volkswagen now

Bugatti’s successor to the Veyron, the Chiron (are those pronounced similarly?) will reportedly cost $2.5 million, according to Car.

The hyper car, which was shown to prospective owners in France, will be a quad turbo, W-16 that produces more than 1,400 horsepower. According to the report, the car will make its debut in Geneva next year.

The price hike is roughly $200,000 over the Veyron, which started at $1.7 million and eventually ballooned to $2.3 million by the end of its production. While the price difference is enough for your own personal fleet of Volkswagen GTIs, how big does your yacht need to be anyway?

Car says that more than a few prospective buyers have raised their hands for the new car — somewhere between 10 and 99 (Double-digit isn’t a very descriptive modifier, Car) and that they expect the Chiron’s top speed to approach 300 mph.

Bugatti has said the plan is to build 500 cars — 1 Chiron for $2.5 million and 499 Special Editions that will cost much, much more.

A few prototypes have been spotted around Los Angeles International Airport and other locales, but it’s unclear how Bugatti will spit in the face of physics this time around.

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  • FJ60LandCruiser FJ60LandCruiser on Sep 01, 2015

    Neat, another toy for some hyper rich Emir with the blood of Americans all over his hands. These bastards shouldn't be able to afford some 40 year old Peugeots...

  • HerrKaLeun HerrKaLeun on Sep 01, 2015

    "more than a few prospective buyers have raised their hands for the new car — somewhere between 10 and 99" so they will sell more of those than they will sell Phaetons?

  • Chuckrs Chuckrs on Sep 01, 2015

    I can't muster any outrage over ostentatious items such as the Bugattis. This provides a living for many skilled people and is something like a capitalist potlatch. Money is like manure, it's no good unless you spread it around.

  • Stingray65 Stingray65 on Sep 01, 2015

    Why not take the money and buy a real Bugatti such as the Type 35 or 57? They would be driven just as often, likely appreciate in value, and actually look good. Furthermore, operating costs would be much lower and no one is likely to key your paint for being too damn rich if you would ever park it unattended.