By on June 1, 2015

Canadian B&B, get ready: The Renault Twizzy EV is coming to your shores at last.

Renault has chosen Azra Network in Terrebonne, Quebec to distribute the Twizzy pending approval by Transport Canada, Le Soleil reports. Once approved, Azra will sell the EV online for delivery or pickup at its headquarters, and establish service centers for any repair work needed down the road.

The Twizy45 will be the sole model sold in Canada, though its maximum speed will drop from 45 kph to 40 kph in order to meet the nation’s low-speed vehicle standards. Range is 120 kilometers per charge, with recharging to take three hours on a 240-volt setup. Price of admission is expected to be $16,000 CDN, with $1,000 off via tax credits.

Aside from becoming a distributor of the Renault Twizzy, Azra Network operates a private network of charging stations 240- and 400-volt chargers, and recently sold 600 stations as part of Quebec’s Branché au travail program.

[H/T: Jonathan Roy/Twitter]

[Photo credit: Renault]

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26 Comments on “Renault Twizzy Arriving In Canada Pending Approval...”

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    $16K? No shizzy? Even in play money, that’s one expensive golf cart.

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    It’s in Quebec, the feds will subsidize the crap out of it with transfer payments from Alberta oil sands and Quebec will claim a huge GHG reduction victory. Smoke and mirrors folks!

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    BTW it’s Twizy with one zed.

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    ‘Dealer? Cancel my Shelby!’

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    Splorg McGillicuddy

    There’s a nice blue one on the street in San Francisco’s Mission District, obviously non-plated but sitting there on the street. I have no idea why it’s here or how it’s here, but dammit I want it. Debated leaving a love note.

    EDIT: oh, it’s apparently this:

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    EU tests have shown this car (‘car’) is fundamentally useless in urban areas where there are already ICE vehicles… enjoy huffing those fumes… and good luck in the rain.

    This is another one of those useless cars much like the Elio.

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      …or the snow. It is Canada after all. They’d probably be right a home in some tropical paradise resort community though.

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      heavy handle


      I take it you’ve never been to Europe? The streets of most large European cities are packed with scooters, many of which are “maxi-scooters” (250cc+). You should go there and tell 740 million people that scooters and similar vehicles are “fundamentally useless.”

      When you’re done in Europe, you can take a quick hop over to Asia and tell a couple billion more people. Should be an education. More for you than for them, but an education nonetheless.

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        I do not expect a motorcycle to have the attributes of a car.

        Why do you expect that?

        I expect the Twizzy to bomb hard.

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          heavy handle

          Then why would you expect a Twizy to have the attributes of a car? Renault-Nissan already sell electric cars in Europe (the Zoe and Leaf). The Twizy is not a car, it’s a scooter-like vehicle for those who need to get around big cities fast and park without too much hassle.

          BTW, doors are optional, just like on an old Jeep.

          • 0 avatar

            Dear Sir, you are trading on semantics.

            You pay the same registration and insurance as a car. Renault is a car company. Am I wrong in expecting them to make a ‘car’. This site is Truth About Cars.

            I do not wish to continue discourse with someone who is this slippery and so full of false equivalence. And to what end?

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            heavy handle


            “You pay the same registration and insurance as a car”

            Don’t know what the deal will be in Canada, but the Twizy can be driven without a license in the UK, and registration fees are minimal in France where it’s considered a “1CV” (I believe the scale for cars goes from 1 to 20CV).

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    It is Hollande’s love chariot. Beats a scooter in Paris rain.

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    As much as I’m not a fan of e-bikes (well, their riders really), it’s hard to imagine too many people would take a Twizy at $16 over one.

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    The tarsands were rebranded oilsands to make them sound better.

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