OFFICIAL: 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Revealed, Detailed

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
official 2016 alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio revealed detailed

Today, at the Alfa Romeo Museum near Milan, was the first day for a completely new design language from the fabled Italian automaker. The Alfa Romeo Giulia will also mark the return of the brand to North America for those of us needing a bit more practically than what’s offered by the 4C.

Best of all, the Quadrifoglio will be available right out of the gate with 510 horsepower from its Maserati-derived six-cylinder engine.

The new Giulia, which borrows its name from the original model built between 1961 and 1978, is Alfa Romeo’s first foray in mainstream segments in North America since leaving the continent at the end of 1995. From the release, it looks like the Italian brand will make quite a noisy and stylish return.

Alfa says Giulia’s metal skin is shaped around the “technical architecture” of the car. Short overhangs are down to the engine and other mechanical parts being mounted between the front and rear axles. Simplicity of the form, they say, is paramount, including details such as the renewed Alfa Romeo emblem and trefoil nose.

Under the hood, the all-aluminum six-cylinder will rocket Giulia to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds while still returning acceptable fuel economy thanks to cylinder deactivation. Also, due to its light weight, Giulia Quadrifoglio will sport 50/50 weight distribution, though other engines are yet to be specified. Displacement for the 510 hp mill was also unspecified, though the company says it will “make that genuinely Alfa Romeo sound.”

Keeping everything grippy is a double-wishbone suspension setup for the front. The rear will rely on a multilink solution to get power to the ground. That’s not to say this is a rear-wheel drive only affair, as Alfa Romeo states there will also be an all-wheel drive option, though with what engines and transmissions remains uncertain.

Like many other newer performance vehicles, Torque Vectoring will help Giulia navigate corners with ease while a unique active splitter up front gives the first two donuts some additional grip. A new version of Alfa DNA with multiple driving modes – Dynamic, Natural, Advanced Efficient, and Racing – will also be available.

There is no official on sale date.

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