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Lotus Evora 400 Circa Geneva 2015

After a brief hiatus in 2014, Lotus Cars USA is back in the game for 2015, including a move to the Detroit metro area.

The U.S. subsidiary of Lotus will relocate its headquarters to Ann Arbor, Mich. from Lawrenceville, Ga. by the end of July 2015, where it will share facilities with Lotus Engineering, AutoGuide reports. The move would allow both divisions more ability to grow, and would improve efficiency of operations.

Meanwhile, the first car to make its way across the Pond will be the 2017 Evora 400, sale of which are set to begin this December. The 3-Eleven track car and a proposed crossover are expected to follow.

Finally, Lotus’ U.S. dealership network recently expanded by four to 47 total showrooms, with more planned for the future. The four newest additions are in West Covina and Thermal, Calif., Scottsdale, Ariz. and Calgary, Alberta.

(Photo credit: Lotus)

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29 Comments on “Lotus Resumes US Operations, Moves US HQ To Detroit Area...”

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    Part of me secretly pines for Toyota, Nissan and Honda to move their U.S. HQ’s to Detroit. There’d be some Real irony there, LOL!

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    If this country prefers to spend its money in the Middle East than “here”…don’t be surprised when crime skyrockets.

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    So there are premium car marques moving too Detroit instead of moving out? Hmmmmmm.

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      Premium? Detroit is the only place Lotus can afford office space.

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        Ann Arbor is a bit different than Detroit.

        Also, the Lotus Engineering building in Ann Arbor is on a very desirable piece of real estate. It’s also right down the road from one of the 25 wealthiest places in America.

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          I guess the area along the river there has been gentrified somewhat and the scrap yard isn’t there anymore, but the properties north of the railroad overpass are still pretty industrial looking.

          FWIW, Lotus Engineering used to have satellite facilities in Plymouth and Southfield too.

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            Yeah, desirable… I sure as hell wouldn’t want to work there. No fun coming and going and a big dirt lot to park in. But at least the execs have a few paved spots up front to park in. If they developed the plot a bit and the city figured out how to deal with traffic coming to and leaving the city it may be desirable then. But perhaps the rent makes up for it?

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            Meh, its river front property on Main St in Ann Arbor. There may be some industrial looking buildings around there but it’s extremely close the core of downtown and Barton Hills is right around the corner. Maybe if they did something with the property…

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          Tim Allen tells me about Ann Arbor on the radio. There are many adjectives there, and calming music.

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            Welcome, to Pure Michigan.

          • 0 avatar

            Do they play those up there too, even though you’re in Michigan already?

            I must admit I listen every time to those ads. And I think, “Tell me a story, Tim Allen.”

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            “Do they play those up there too, even though you’re in Michigan already?”

            Yes they do. The State of Michigan wants me to drive all around this state and spend money from coast to coast instead of going somewhere else (Ohio? Illinois?) on vacation.

            When they first came out, the Secretary of State (what we call the DMV for some weird reason) offices would play them on a loop. You’d be waiting for your new license and they’d brainwash you in the process.

            “Must tell others about lighthouses and kayaks..”

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            LOL, Secretary of State. Haven’t heard that one before. It’s BMV here and in Indiana, which I don’t agree with either.

            Ohio is more of a pain by the way, because the title office does part of your registration, and the clerk of courts does the other. These offices are NOT always together, and they are not connected in that they don’t communicate with one another.

            So you must find a “full-service” branch, lest you want to go to two locations. Even then, you’ll be going to two different offices, with different employees and managers – who dislike each other. I had to walk to and fro between them three times to register my M.

          • 0 avatar

            The best thing ever is when the DMW/BMW/SoS sends me something in the mail that states that I CAN renew my license online. A wave of happiness washes over me.

          • 0 avatar

            Oh, I will add that everything can be done online once it’s registered here and you’re a license holder here.

            But when it’s new license photo time, I dunno how that works. I got a new OH license here (IN was expiring) in mid-2013, and at the time the woman asked “So how long have you lived in Ohio?”

            Me “Since 2010.”

            She was none too pleased. I think the “rule” is within 6 months residency. But there was nothing she could enforce on me, ha.

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        Yes. 10 reasons why for automotive engineering and a small HQ it is a great location
        1 It is metro Detroit (some AAites beg to differ, but it is) so you have access to the largest concentration of automotive talent in the world
        2 It is in Ann Arbor which is rated one of the best smallish towns in the country
        3 Easy on and off to M-14/US 23 but still close to downtown
        4 Ample parking – yes their parking and facility could use an update
        5 A few steps from a great walking/cycling path that goes for miles along the river
        6 A few steps from parks that offer kayaking and crewing
        7 They have been there a while so I assume the cost of occupancy is fairly low?
        8 Less than an hour to a major hub airport
        9 U of M is one of the top universities in the country and their football team might even come back from the dead in a few years
        10 Overall cost of living is low compared to the coasts and Europe

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      Yeah I have never viewed Lotus as premium, either. They’re more minimalist and kit car-ish.

      I think some later trims of the Esprit V8 approached premium. But that’s about it?

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    Detroit seriously (OK Detroit “area”)?

    Even following Cadillac to Soho would have made more sense.

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      I think it depends on what Cadillac HQ consists of, if it is just the space cadets in management/marketing where their office is doesn’t matter as much. In the case of Lotus, the HQ is moving “where it will share facilities with Lotus Engineering”. Placing an engineering group near Detroit makes sense since it is still a major juncture for automotive engineering.

      Toyota seemed to think so:

      “Toyota investing $32.5M into construction of new Ann Arbor-area facility, adding 250 employees”

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    Check the rules, you can’t sell a 2017 car in 2015, the max you can advance it is a year. They may start selling 2017 cars on Jan 1st 2016

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    There is a sign hanging from the ceiling which reads “DMC.” Delorian Motor Cars?

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    …eager to see the new 3-eleven: lotus plan to unveil the car at goodwood, which starts today…

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    El Hombre

    Lotus HQ 40 years ago was on I-96 and/or Schoolcraft Road. I don’t think it lasted there more than a few years.

    Who owns Lotus these days? There have been so many owners in the last 30 years.

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    Might have to jog by there some day. Nice place, close to downtown. Do they do any engineering of their own cars there?

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