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Ahead of the 2015 Frankfurt Auto Show, official images of the 2016 MINI Clubman escaped onto the Internet for all the world to see [now updated with info from the official press release – CA].

Underpinned by the UKL1 modular architecture also used by the MINI three- and five-door models, as well as the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer, the Clubman replaces the skinny suicide rear passenger doors from the current model with conventional ones.

The Clubman — whose face takes its cues from the 2011 Rocketman concept — is reportedly bigger, as well, gaining 10.23 inches in length, 6.34 inches in width, and an inch in height over the model it will replace. Up to 47.9 cu. ft. of cargo space is available with help from either 60/40 or optional 40/20/40 rear seats, 17.5 cu. ft. when all five occupants are aboard. Curb weight ranges between 3,105 lbs and 3,300 lbs, depending on trim and transmission selected.

Power for the new Clubman will come from a pair of gasoline engines: a 1.5-liter three-pot good for 134 horses and 162 lb-ft of torque, and a 2.0-liter turbo-four producing 189 horsepower and 207 lb-ft of torque. Both engines can be paired with either six-speed manual or six- and eight-speed variants of MINI’s Steptronic automatic (six-speed for the Cooper Clubman, eight-speed for the Cooper S Clubman). Nil to 60 comes in 8.9 seconds for the Cooper Clubman (top speed: 127 mph), 6.9 seconds (auto) to 7 seconds (manual) for the Cooper S (top speed: 142 mph).

Handling comes from a single joint strut axle up front, and the 2 Series Active Tourer’s multilink setup in the back, with standard 16-inch and optional 17- to 19-inch alloys, dynamic traction, stability and damper controls, and electronic differential locking holding everything together on the road.

Other features available include: MINI Excitement Package (LED interior and ambient lighting, projected MINI logo from driver’s side mirror); HUD; collision/pedestrian warning; MINI Connected infotainment system; revised aero; start-stop; and MINI Driving Modes for increased fuel economy or more power depending on mood.

(Image credit: MINI)

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38 Comments on “[UPDATED] 2016 MINI Clubman Official Images Revealed Ahead Of Frankfurt...”

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    Interesting move changing the Clubman from a long wheelbase coupe/hardtop to a wagon version of the 5 door hatch. I didn’t expect that. If they can keep the weight down, this could be a great little wagon.

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    Wow, I like this a lot. I could see this replacing my MX-5 when that day comes…

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    I rather like it! Maybe a consideration as a replacement next year for my 2004 Mitsu Lancer Sportback Ralliart.

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    I actually saw a test mule in disguise the other day and didn’t know what it was, guessing it was this!

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    MINI in name only. These things are the size of Rondos and 1st-gen Santa Fes now.

    That said, the right equipment/color combos still hold their money on the retail scene. I love MINIs because you can typically always buy them right (behind book, which is already low) and retail them right since their perceived value exceeds wholesale value.

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    Ok, that’s a station wagon.

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    As a MINI Hardtop (F56) owner, I can tell you that there are some significant design differences in the Clubman vs. the F55/F56, each of which is noteworthy and to the betterment of the usability. Trim appears still more upscale, the iDrive appears raised to more BMW-like armrest levels, the dash and door trim is nicer, and the door speaker integration is better. Legroom is clearly improved in the back, and the cargo area looks to be very practical as well.

    This is a truly functional and usable wagon version of the MINI Hardtop, for those who need to extra space. It will sell well and cannibalize the Countryman’s market share until they update that model to UKL.

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      Not sure about rear seat legroom as that could be some wide angle trickery in the close up shot but the overhead iso shot seems to corroborate the additional room. Nice to see MINI differentiating the Clubman better than they have in the past. Would definitely have considered this as a dad’s fun daily driver if it was out earlier this year. The Cooper sedan missed the cut due to lack of rear seat and cargo room.

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    That’s definitely a wagon, which makes sense given the 5 door. But considering that these are now C class size vehicles, I hope MINI makes a smaller citi car.

    Also add to the list an MPV based off the Clubman. They could call it the MINI Van . . .

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      If you want something close to the size of the old Clubman then get the Hardtop 4 door. The Clubman had to grow in size or else it would be completely redundant.

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    Yeah, kind of a shame about the growth…not unexpected, though. I had a 2008 Clubman, and liked it far more than the “regular” one at the time. The extra wheelbase made it a lot less twitchy on the highway, and the back was pretty functional – the barn doors meant that I never cracked my head on the hatch, and with the seats folded there was quite a bit of room.

    This one is bigger, and probably not quite as much fun to drive. And I (am probably the only one to) miss the big speedo in the center. The round binnacle with a nav screen just doesn’t look as good as a big dial to me. Still, this is going to be high on my list when I go shopping for my next car. It’s about perfect in size, and should still be entertaining in S trim.

    • 0 avatar

      I had an ’09 Clubman, for me the size was just right: Usable back seat, smoother on the highway, but still a hoot in the twisties, and yes, the no-hit-your-head barn doors are great. The new model adds a door and a few hundred pounds, can’t say I’m happy about that.

      Can’t say I miss the big speedo, I never looked at it. With the digital unit embedded in the tach, why bother?

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    I like the look of this better than the old one. It looks more like a wagon and I like wagons.

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    The taillights look…off, like they were cribbed from a Buick Enclave.

    • 0 avatar

      “That’s not a Buick…”


      Damn, that stupid ad is totally stuck in my short loop.

      Anyway, slap a “waterfall” grille on this thing and Buick could charge $40k (and get it).

      134 HP and 3,100 lbs? Might be OK in “Flatland”. (Edit: Where “volume” is measured in square feet! VVVVV :-)

      • 0 avatar

        I hate saying this but I like what they did except for the tail lights.

        Use a vertical stack like it was before.

        Its pretty much a CUV now, the stance, wheels etc.

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    “Up to 47.9 sq. ft. of cargo space is available with help from either 60/40 or optional 40/20/40 rear seats, 17.5 sq. ft. when all five occupants are aboard.”

    Let’s hope the first upgrade is from sq.ft to cubic feet, Cameron, you know, so actual three-dimensional objects fit inside.

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    As MINI marches on, toward PT Cruiser and HHR status/territory.

    • 0 avatar

      If anything, they are going the other direction. Away from being a novelty item with limited long term appeal to a fully fleshed out product line as they focus their portfolio and differentiate their models in substantive ways.

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    I’m having a hard time seeing the difference between this and the 5-door hardtop model. (besides the barn doors)

    • 0 avatar

      Black trim indicating AWD!

    • 0 avatar


      In comparison to the new MINI 5 door: length + 27 centimetres, width + 9 centimetres, wheelbase + 10 centimetres; five fully-fledged seats; luggage compartment volume: 360 litres; rear backrest with 40 : 20 : 40 folding split; maximum storage volume: 1,250 litres

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    So the 5-door S starts at $25.1k. I would imagine the Clubman S will command at least a $1k premium over that. Does that sound accurate?

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    Looks good. Would look great withabout 2″ less beltline and more windows. Do they still make the long 3dr? That one has always been my favorite Mini. Not that they are very mini anymore.

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    Thats, um…..better? Yeah, thats it. I think.

    Anyway, when is a Mini no longer mini? Now, evidently. I know almost all cars tend to grow with each redesign (because current customers ask for more room, more power, more cargo space, more this, more that, more everything), but then again, most cars arent named MINI!

    I wish theyd have learned what Toyota saw when they took the original xB and made it fat and ugly. You tend to drive away customers who bought your previous vehicle simply because it was small but still roomy/pratical (and handsomly boxy, in the xB’s case). Everyone I know (including myself) that liked the original xB tends to hate the second gen. They Camry-ized it. Isnt that what Scion was supposed to NOT be?

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      I think the idea here was to bump it up to EPA “light truck” status to juice the CAFE score. (Well, technically, it doesn’t juice the score it all… it’s just that it has a lower score to meet.)

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    I like the wagon looks and utility but it’s gonna be slooow. 3100+ weight and a 3 cylinders w/134 hp. 0-60 in maybe 10 secs?

    Even the turbo upgrade won’t be more than adequate. Maybe the JCW.

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    is there any functional merit to the split rear doors, or is it just a styling choice? Seems like a lift-up door is better in so many ways.

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      Three advantages that I see as a tall guy with a low-ceilinged garage. I will not bump my head on the open hatch (BTDT) and I won’t whack the hatch agaist the garage door opener. Also, gas shocks for hatches are expensive come replacement time, and if they are hidden style no fun at all to replace (also BTDT). The only disadvantage to me is the walloping big mirror blindspot, but having driven many a split door Suburban you get used to that. I don’t know how bad it is in the Mini, I’ve never driven a Clubman, just like the look a lot.

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