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Renault Kwid 01

As the Datsun brand stumbles in India, Renault-Nissan unveiled the Kwid Wednesday to take on the challenge of beating the best-selling Maruti Suzuki Alto.

The Kwid hatchback is underpinned by the alliance’s Common Modular A Family platform, boasts a ground clearance of 7.1 inches, and has a starting price of ₹3,00,000 ($4,700 USD), Automotive News Europe reports. Power is set to come from an 800cc unit, though no other powertrain information was announced at this time.

Like the Tata GenX Nano announced Tuesday, the Kwid has a feature set normally found on more upscale vehicles for the Indian market, including hands-free voice-calling with Bluetooth, 7-inch touchscreen display with navigation and infotainment, and optional airbags.

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said the Indian market was not an easy one during the Kwid’s unveiling in Chennai, and expects the city car to be “a game changer for Renault India.” The alliance’s current attempt to crack the market — the Datsun Go — sold 16,000 units since its introduction in 2014. The Alto manages to sell over 16,000 units per month in comparison at a starting price of ₹2,46,163 ($3,865).

Renault India also plans to expand its dealership network from 157 to 280 by the end of next year, though the target still pales to Maruti’s 1,500 stores.

The Renault Kwid is expected in those showrooms in September upon leaving the assembly line in Chennai.

[Image credit: Renault]

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9 Comments on “Renault Kwid Unveiled, Ready To Battle Maruti Suzuki Alto In India...”

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    Well, that looks utterly terrible. Are they trying to invoke feelings of prior British imperialism with the name? Or make people think of a slimy sea creature?

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    I wonder if this is a sign that theyre giving up on Datsun. The Go is a pretty terrible car, especially considering safety, but better cars would give the brand a better chance.

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    At $3865 I would buy one just to drive to the train station for my daily commute…cheaper then the proverbial winter beater, and it has a warranty. Ugly and all it’s too bad they’re not available here.
    In comparison the Nissan Micra at $9998 base price is the only thing close.

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    5 speeds, A/C, touchscreen included? Very good value for the money, particularly if the engine is a 3 cylinder instead of a 2. Interesting how the fuel gauge is divided into sixths instead of fourths.
    Now if they could finance them for a quid a day, Datsun will just Go away.

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    Does news like this really interest anyone reading TTAC? I say this respectfully, and as a former owner of an India-built Suzuki Alto.

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      It interests me – as a consumer, as some point the low end of the market becomes ‘good enough’. If this was imported to America, I could see myself being it in certain corner cases.

      • 0 avatar

        I certainly am. The world is not just the nation I live in.

        I like to read about all kinds of cars, even ones we dont get here.

        I’m a lover of engineering, even engineering on a budget. I also like to see where things have been cut to meet a market.

        Eg. I notice this car doesnt seem to have centre air vents. Also there seems to be a huge round blank for a dial not present.

        I like reading about the Nano even though no one else seems to care.

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    As the former owner of three Renault 4s, I think this looks like its spiritual successor. Judging from the success of Dacia, Renault could have another winner on its hands if it chose to market this vehicle in Europe. The attraction of a simple and practical vehicle is alive and well, even among those who can afford complicated and frivolous.

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    It doesn’t look at all ugly to me and compared to a Nissan Rogue it’s downright pretty.

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