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Audi USA record sales chart TTAC COTDAudi USA sold 16,827 new vehicles in April 2015, an increase of 1174 units compared with Audi’s previous best-ever April in 2014, and the 52nd consecutive month in which Audi U.S. volume has broken the previous monthly record.

Year-over-year, Audi sales have increased in each of the last 66 months, a streak stretching back to November 2009.

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10 Comments on “Chart Of The Day: 52 Months Of Record Audi USA Sales...”

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    Fifty Shades of Grey sales push?

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    Inverse relationship between VW stealth wealth and Audi real wealth. Now you know why VW isn’t going to return to the days of premium middle-class vehicles.

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      So true…especially with the emergence and prevalence of leases over the past two decades.

      VW needs to copy what the Koreans have done and soon or they are just going to sink even more in the states. Cheap leases and longer warranties…but they won’t do it…and does it matter really when they are killing it with Porsche and Audi in terms of profits? VW is like the red-headed step child and official beatings-taker of the Hans & Frans duo (Porsche & Audi). “We are here to pump you up!” “Hey VW…go fetch us our gym shoes now!”

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    I miss my old A3, best car I’ve ever owned. I might of gotten a new one if they made a hatch with a manual, but alas.

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      my wife still has her 2006 A3. I got a 2015 A3 loaner when I brought my S4 in for service. Trust me, you don’t want a new A3. The old one is better in pretty much every conceivable way. unless you like powered flip-up screens. because that matters.

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    I can see the post-winter bump, but the end of the year bump is a bit surprising. Do those December big ribbon “event” ads really work?

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      Timothy Cain

      In 2014, December was the best month of the year for BMW, best for Mercedes-Benz, best for Audi, best for Lexus – you get the picture – even though it was fourth-best for the overall industry. Christmas is for luxury cars.

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    this chart has no value unless compared against other makes.
    (almost) all the luxury makes have been doing well as the economy seems to have hit a stride, but there hasn’t been a lot of position changing among the top 5. like, any position changing. Audi is still a bit player with few converts from other brands.

    I realize I’m an outlier, but I’m still waiting for Audi to get its comeuppance for some of the trash it sells like the A3 and A6. they botched both of those cars, in my opinion. The new Q7 hasn’t really hit the streets yet, but it’s butt ugly, which can’t help. the old Q7 used to sell well partly because it wasn’t that ugly, but mostly because it’s the cheapest big luxury SUV you can buy.

    I fear for the B9 A4 due out next year, which MUST be a hit.

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      Audi sales in 2009: 82,716
      Audi sales in 2014: 182,011 (+120%)

      BMW sales in 2009: 196,502
      BMW sales in 2014: 339,738 (+72%)

      Audi is still below 60% of BMW sales in the US, but it was at barely 40% five years ago.

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