Shell Partnering With Gordon Murray On New City Car

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
shell partnering with gordon murray on new city car

Royal Dutch Shell and Gordon Murray will partner on a new city car project, based heavily on Murray’s T25 city car project. The vehicle, dubbed Project M, is described as a “simple, practical global city car”.

While Shell will provide expertise in engine lubricants for the project, the oil major is now the T25 project’s most high profile backer. Under the parameters of Project M, the vehicle will retain the T25’s three-seater layout, the iStream production process and an internal combustion engine. The powertrain will be designed by ex-Honda F1 engineer Osamu Goto. Murray himself was a former McLaren engineer and the father of the McLaren F1, widely considered to be the greatest road car of all-time.

AutoExpress reports that the ultimate aim will be to sell a similar concept in emerging markets, where rampant traffic congestion and an increased demand for cars could present a major infrastructure issue for developing economies. Just months ago, the T25 concepts was rumored to be licensed to Yamaha for an all-new city car that would be built with iStream’s manufacturing principles.

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  • Rod Panhard Rod Panhard on Apr 09, 2015

    The man in the helmet has two noses.

  • Vulpine Vulpine on Apr 09, 2015

    You sure that's not a take-off on Jezzy Clarkson's little city car?

  • Ect Ect on Apr 09, 2015

    Derek, the drawing refers to the car as a "6-seater", not 3. Presumably, there are 2 seats in each row?

  • Ihatejalops Ihatejalops on Apr 09, 2015

    And people mocked Clarkson's P45. Seriously, he should be pissed as it's similar. Best part of that episode is when he told the Scottish guy that he couldn't understand him. I laughed because this is true; Scottish people are difficult to understand.