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Coming to the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show later this month, the Volvo XC90 Excellence is the Sino-Swede’s first foray into high-end luxury.

Unlike the standard flagship XC90, the Excellence does away with having an extra three passengers and two back rows of seating. Instead, the two rear occupants will each have their own reclining seats with massage functions, ventilated fabric, and plenty of leg room. They’ll also have access to a refrigerator with bottle and glass holders, heated/cooled cup holders, retractable touchscreens, folding tables, and handmade crystal glasses from Swedish glassmaker Orrefors.

Other luxury comforts include: Pirelli Noise Cancelling System tires; 19-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system; Volvo’s CleanZone climate system with ionic air cleaner; leather instrument panel and seats with Nubuck headliner; luggage compartment dividing screen; and passenger footrests.

Those who desire Swedish-style luxury — whether in Sweden, China, the United States, or other global locales — will be able to lease their XC90 Excellence beginning later this year, with digital ordering coming to select markets at the same time.

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7 Comments on “Shanghai 2015: Volvo XC90 Excellence Ready For Debut...”

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    Man My kids are so spoiled.

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    Herringbone wood! Be still my Tudor heart.

    However, I question the chrome door trim. It already looks aftermarket and chintzy. This 4-seat version won’t sell well (even if offered) here. They did a similar “Executive Package” with the S80 a while ago. How many of those are there driving around? I don’t care for the trendy modern pattern in the seats either, that will look dated quickly, and it’s not dignified enough for a businessman’s express. Quilted leather or regular pattern, take your pick.

    On MSN or somewhere, there was a quote from a Volvo official – where he said this was targeting Range Rover and Mercedes models. I think I had to LOL, because brand prestige. This thing has to be considerably cheaper than the RR and MB options to sell, and built the same or better. If it’s priced like the Range Rover, Volvo will lose to them every-single-time.

    We’ll see if they can hack it. Also, maybe debuting the ultra-lux businessman version (and not showing people the one with 7 seats, eg. the 98% of volume model) wasn’t the best idea. I realize it’s China, but still.

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    All I can see is Buick Rendezvous…

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    Nice looking station wagon on stilts.

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    I kinda want to play basketball on that wood trim.

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    So the rich Chinese really like to be chauffeured around?

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      In a word Yes, I was in Shanghai last week and most of the cars were extended wheel bases models, I was a 5 star hotel and spent a good amount of time waiting for Uber cars so i say maybe 100 cars pull up and not once did I see a person get out of the drivers seat who drove themselves. This will sell in China. I really did not see that many Volvos there thought I would see more. One of the cars I rode in was a jeep Wrangler did not expect that !

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