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2014 Chevrolet Spark EV Exterior-003

In the market for a 2015 Chevrolet Spark EV? Your wallet will still feel heavy after signing off on the paperwork for the base model.

Chevrolet announced the price for the base Spark EV 1LT will be cut down $1,500 to $25,995, while leasing the EV gets an $80 drop to $139/month for 39 months with no money down upon signing; the down payment was $999.

In addition to the new lease and purchase figures, the brand is also throwing bonus cash on the hood, the amount varying depending on which of the three states — California, Maryland (as of this summer), Oregon — one happens to reside. The California bonus comes to $1,000 in addition to the state’s $2,500 rebate, while Oregonians receive $3,500 outright, and those in Maryland gain $1,200 on top of the state’s $2,300 excise tax exemption.

With the price cuts, bonus cash, state incentives, and the $7,500 federal tax credit, one could drive away from the lot having paid just $14,995 for the pleasure of bouncing around from the office park to the coffee shop and bakery in a vehicle meant to help General Motors come into compliance with fleet economy standards.

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11 Comments on “Chevrolet Spark EV Sees Price Drop, Bonus Cash For Base Model...”

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    Not good enough. Holding out for more taxpayer subsidies.

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    On my last trip to my Chevy dealer for an oil change, the entire show room was packed – I mean PACKED with these things! All colors, jammed in every corner. I have never seen anything like it. Woe to someone who was looking for a real car or truck, for the Sparks were the ONLY cars in there.

    For a base model, one could be had for $9,999 after incentives. I didn’t look real close at all the models available, so I don’t know if any were EV, though. I see lots of Sparks in my general area, so someone’s buying them. Once a week or so, I see an older guy like me in a lime green one buzzing around – lots of these are green, by the way.

    I don’t think I would want one, even in retirement mode. I most likely will sell my 2012 Impala LTZ soon, because when I inserted the key, the odometer read 65,000 miles even! Whatever I buy, it won’t be a Spark, you can quote me on that!

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      I saw a lime green Mini that looked pretty good yesterday, and also a banana yellow Juke. And the new Fit is being selected in some crazy bright colors as well.

      So small cars in bright colors seems to be coming back. We had a couple years there of silver/brown/red as all you saw.

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    Nicholas Weaver

    I have a basic “moral” objection to leasing (I’m a “buy and drive it into da ground” kinda guy), but both this and the Fiat500e lease are looking awfully tempting:

    My commute is 80 miles, and if I could reliably charge at work this would be a great way of bridging the years until the Model 3 and competing EVs exist in the wild.

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      An 80 mile commute would exceed the mileage limit of even a high mileage lease. Unless you don’t have to go in every day like me. I could make it work when combined with my other cars. None of them exceed 1000 miles a month. But if my job situation changed I’d need more miles if I had to go to the office every day.

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    Maybe your wallet will still feel heavy enough that you can buy a proper car!

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    Holy smokes. This is ridiculously cheap ti own/operate. Bring a Californian with a need for a new vehicle as my tbird was rear ended and I already have a Tahoe. I might consider leasing this. I just need to discuss with my landlord if he would approve me paying for a 220 charging socket installed in the garage.

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    What are the mileage restrictions on that lease?

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    $140/mo with nothing out of pocket is a super deal. Assuming 1000 miles a month, the gas savings alone would make this a nearly free car. I think that’s a winner, if I could get one in Florida I would for sure pick one up.

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    If you have a short to medium car commute and want to make it in a newish car, there’s absolutely no cheaper way to do that than this lease.

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