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2015 Volvo V60 Polestar_2

Volvo is having a hard time moving most of its wares out of the showroom in Canada, with its wagons being the silver lining to its cloud.

Good Car Bad Car reports overall Volvo sales are down 16 percent so far in the first two months of 2015, following a fall of 62 percent between 2005 and 2014. However, the Sino-Swede automaker managed to sell 54 V60s in February, compared to 27 units of the S60. Thirty-one XC70s and four S80s left the showroom that month, as well.

Of course, the best-selling Volvo in Canada that month was not a wagon, but the XC60, with 101 sold; 113 left the lot in January.

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24 Comments on “Volvo Moved More Wagons Than Sedans In Canada In February 2015...”

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    I’m gonna get a blue 240GL estate, and glue a blue bathroom tile to the grille – really throw people off.

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    Yeah hatches and wagons rule, Whoo!

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    Richard Chen

    Triple digits! Booyah!

    Uh, why is TTAC linking to Tim Cain’s Kinja?

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    Just think how many wagons they’d be selling if they actually sold a wagon.

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      Why is it that you guys love the V70, but hate it when raised a few inches?

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        Because it’s just plain stupid, for reason of aesthetics, aerodynamics, and fuel economy.

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          – To my eye, the XC70 looks better than the V70.
          – Aerodynamics, true, yes, but I only care about this if the fuel economy is appreciably worse or its louder inside (neither is the case)
          – Fuel economy with the same powertrain is 2MPG different, keeping in mind that one is FWD and one is AWD. So pretty negligible.

          And in return you get more ground clearance (for parking lots and snowdrifts alike), and a better entry/exit height…which is very key for many people.

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            The MY15 XC70 is available with the I5 Turbo for FWD only and the 3.2 I6 NA or Turbo for AWD. Highway mileage for the I5 is 31 and 25 for the I6 per Volvo Cars’ website.


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            So, you’re making your argument by comparing two different powertrains in the same car?

            I was comparing the 3.2 available in the V70 and XC70 in 2008, when both (current generation) cars were last offered on sale at the same time with the same powertrains. The ratings? 17 overall (AWD XC70) versus 19 (FWD V70).

            Also, I’m assuming that by “I5” you mean T5?

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            “To my eye, the XC70 looks better than the V70.”

            I think it was “V70” which threw me as the V70 model has been offered in three different platforms since inception (850, P2, and P3) in both inline five and six cylinder NA & turbo motors whereas XC70 did not exist until 2003 (initially as a trim package).

            Ok now I understand your argument, EPA says 1 mile off in the city, two highway for FWD vs AWD.


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          Plain stupid is over the top. As pointed out, the height has value. I liked the old cross country because it worked better on the older metal whereas the newer model looks really better without the upgrade.

          I need the height for ease of entry and constant flooding and bad roads.

          I wish they offered both, but I think the hate is uncalled for.

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            We have a 2005 V70 FWD and a 2006 XC70 AWD. Both have the 2.5T engine (208hp). The V70 gets better mileage–the trip computer averages 9.5l/100km vs 13.0l/100km on the XC for similar driving–and it doesn’t wallow like the XC. Even when the XC’s active suspension is set to “sport” instead of “comfort” it isn’t as firm as the V70. If we had to do it again we’d buy two V70s.

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        I can’t say I love the V70 raised or not, it ain’t square enough.

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    Maybe there is hope for the wagon to make a comeback.

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    They might get well into the triple digits if they weren’t so eye-wateringly expensive.
    The starting MSRP of the V60 is $38,400 and it’s the cheapest new Volvo you can possibly buy.

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      Not quite as S60 starts at $33,960 + dest. V60 is probably the cheapest pseduo wagon-hatchback being offered (Volvo cars website claims it starts at 35,950.

      My favorite though is the V60 Cross Country which starts at 41,000, a 5K premium over the base V60.

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    Sales might be connected to the weather.
    Not a time to be car shopping when it’s crazy cold or snowy…. every… day.

    Other than Alberta, which I hear had a nice February, however:
    i) not the market for non-trucks
    ii) Given the oil price slide, not the market to sell anything

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    Four S80s… that’s a huge improvement from November when they sold zero.

    I love my S80, but not as a $60,000 car. Like many enthusiasts I love it as a premium used car for the price of a new Camry. Why Volvo doesn’t swallow its pride and reposition it as such is a mystery to me. The strategy worked for Nissan when they slashed 25% off the early-1990s Maxima, turning a failed Lexus competitor into a strong Camry competitor and gaining loyal customers who buy Nissans to this day. The strategy should be even easier on the S80, whose retooling costs were paid off years ago.

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    “Sino-Swede automaker”

    Does Geely owning Volvo really make Volvo part Chinese? Doesn’t Geely just fund them and product development is all done by Volvo in Sweden? The reason I ask is because I notice every Volvo article (or the comments attach to Volvo articles) loves to mention the fact a Chinese automaker owns them. I think where a car is engineered and developed determines where they’re from. Example, I view the Ford Focus as a German car, fully developed by Ford’s German branch. Tata owns Jaguar-Land Rover so does that make a Jaguar F-Type and Indo-English car? I never see that mentioned. Great article none the less, just pure curiosity.

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      Totally agree with this comment.

      The next thing the “Truth” About Cars will tell us is that Budweiser is a Belgian ale and that a Dodge Charger is an Italian Sportscar. I think there’s anxiety about China in a red-scare kind of way.

      I find Volvo’s ownership by PRIVATE company Geely (who has to battle the Chinese government to make inroads) less troubling than the joint ventures that VW/Audi, Merc, etc have with Chinese STATE-owned manufacturers.

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    My prediction is the new XC90 will be a monster seller for Volvo.

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    I will stick my neck out and say: Canadians are practical people.
    When you see same air conditioning issues repeating model after model, undersized suspensions, cheap plastics, a car that is made by people living in a colder climate and cannot warm inside and the heated seats being the only re-deeming quality in a cold winter day, gremlins in the electronics, ABS modules that need re-soldering, etc. (need I continue?).
    Not to mention they are so friggin’ expensive…..
    Polestar blue? Maaco can duplicate that with no problem on any car.

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      You do know that we’re taking about Volvo, not Volkswagen, right?

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        He isn’t alone on Volvo’s subpar reliability if you count the last decade. TrueDelta paints Volvo just above Jaguar at the 6th least reliable brand if you choose data from 2006-2014, for example. Take the data from 2004-2014 and you get Volvo being the 4th worst. So you can see how they were doing in the 2000’s compared to VW, which is ranked 12 places above Volvo and on par with GM/Chevrolet.

        Volvo in Canada is unfortunately disdained by quite a lot of boomers because of the reliability issues from first hand experience. Although this is anecdotal, it is supported by hard data from, for example, True Delta.

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