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Feeling its style isn’t metal as it could be, Volkswagen is unleashing a more aggressive language for its upcoming compact and midsize crossovers.

Automotive News reports the crossovers’ styling will take cues from the T-Roc and Cross Coupe GTE concepts, including sharp-angled character lines, notch-tooth grills, and imposing faces. Design boss Klaus Bischoff says the new language is needed to help make a stronger impact in the United States market, considering that the automaker’s 2 percent market share pales in comparison to the double-digits it enjoys in Europe, China and other global markets.

Bischoff admits that the more conservative Euro-centric approach to design had been the company’s philosophy “for a long time,” adding that while it did work in Europe, it didn’t seem to be “the remedy for the rest of the world.”

The first model to wear the new design language will be the seven-passenger midsize crossover — pulling cues from the Cross Coupe GTE — set to leave Chattanooga in 2016. This will be followed by a redesigned Tiguan and a Golf-based crossover — the latter taking its style from the T-Roc — both due in 2017.

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19 Comments on “Volkswagen Bringing Aggressive Crossover Styling To USDM Market...”

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    Steve Biro

    VW thinks that aggressive styling to is going to do it for them in the U.S.. Maybe they’re right. I always thought the brand’s trouble-prone nature and lack of reliability was the issue. But Audi’s aren’t much better in that department and that cartoonish family grille seems to be well-liked, so what do I know?

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      What indeed? According to Consumer Reports reliability data, Audi is near the top of the list of manufacturers, behind only Lexus and Mazda, while VW is mid-pack, above Mercedes Benz, and most VW models have average reliability. There are plenty of VW haters here and I suppose their animosity must have come from somewhere, but if at one time VW had a poor reputation for reliability for the most part it no longer seems to be justified.

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        A lot of the VW haters here can’t accept that it isn’t 2000 anymore, and VW reliability is average instead of bottom-of-the-barrel.

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          I think a lot of the ‘hate’ just comes from being burned. Just like GM hate.

          Cars are the 2nd most expensive thing most people will ever buy. It’s a huge financial commitment, and if they get a dud it becomes a seared, painful memory.

          I’m no authority on current VWs. I just know a few owners who said “never again” after listing a small litany of dumb, overpriced repair bills for their 200x model.

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    Style sells this should help VW look at how many sonatas were sold with aggressive styling and their company was worse regarded than Vw, most vw,s are conservative in style , they do not look old quickly and I like that, but this will get folks in the door

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    Yes they took Euro-centric conservative styling and brought it here. But at the same time, they took their scissors to every model and de-contented the crap out of them, and only for the US market.

    People are okay with solid, Euro looking VWs which are reliable.

    They are not okay with flimsy, Euro looking VWs which are unreliable.

    So now they’re gonna make flimsy, aggressive looking VWs which are unreliable. Just buy a Mazda.

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      VW did not de content every model, the golf , GTI, Touareg and sports wagon are not de contented as you seem to make them out to be, yes VW did take the Passat and Jetta sedan down market and when they were new they sold pretty well, better than when they were more loaded german based cars. . They are both old in model years and the sales reflect that vs what they compete against. My point on style was ( and never try to type on a moving train on a phone if your old like me) was Hyundai had a worse rep than VW but when they added aggressive styling to the last generation Sonata , it sold well and people seemed to forget about they Excel they saw on the roads in the late 90’s. Most VW’s today are average in reliability but there are plenty of people who do not look at the ratings. VW has to take some chances here to gain share , they are far to late on many segments here so they have a lot of space to play catch up.

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    VW is on my you-know-what list as far as crossovers go right now. The Jetta SportWagen’s sunroof has malfunctioned again, so now I have a base-model Tiguan loaner. Talk about poverty spec. The base, non touchscreen “RCD-310” stereo, which should not be sold in a crossover at that price point, lacks any sort of input whatsoever other than an AUX jack. It also just plain looks disproportionate and goofy and has no more space than a Golf. And since it’s got cloth upholstery, there are no seat heaters, and the manual seat adjustments suck. I seriously don’t know who’d buy this car (especially for its $28K sticker price) which is probably why they allocated it for loaner duty. The good news is that I should have the JSW back today.

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    Dear VW:

    Stop showing concepts and start actually offering new CUVs in the US.

    At this rate the Acura NSX will be on sale before any new VW crossover.

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    Isn’t “USDM market” like saying “ATM machine”?

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    Talk about not being able to hit water if they fell out of the boat; VW’s going to let their entry in the hot CUV market languish for another year while they focus on the shrinking 3-row SUV market? Ugh.

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