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17 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: March 31st, 2015...”

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    I’m not particularly a wagon fanatic or anything, but I want that Sportwagon.

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    Oh no, more Indiana Subaru news. Here comes more non-automobile bigotry posts. Besides the Indiana law. Has anyone heard anything about Subaru getting rid of the flat six for a 4cyl turbo in the Outback. Or when the 2016 Forester will be available?

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    “Tesla is showing off a new, non-automotive product at the end of April.”

    The Musk-con grows more desperate by the week, from a “eliminating range anxiety” tease that turns out to be nothing more than a sat-nav update (purportedly, having uber precise map/routing updates improves the range of the battery somehow), to whatever this will now be unveiled as.

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      Actually it’s probably going to be batteries for the house. He also tweeted something yesterday and his stock went up 3%.

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      The “eliminating range anxiety tease” revelation showed changes based on real science, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Knowledge is Power and the software change gives the driver Knowledge, which really can alleviate range anxiety. After all, “range anxiety” is a psychological issue, not a physical one. When you eliminate the cause of the anxiety, you eliminate the effect of the anxiety.

      But at least you’re not yet trying to forecast what this new, non-automotive product will be yet; not like a few other sites where they are already discussing the merits and faults of a product that hasn’t even been announced yet.

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    I would love to have both of those in my driveway.I would be envy of every old dude in my neighborhood.

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    Tried reading the Harman article but it costs. Why didnt you guys just copy and past here.

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    Here you go:

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    Damn I had no idea “Bang & Olufsen makes sound systems, which are available in high-end luxury cars including Audi, Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes-Benz car models. Stamford, Connecticut-based Harman brands are in more than 25 million cars and include AKG, Harman/Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Logic 7, Mark Levinson, Lexicon, Revel, Selenium, and yurbuds”

    How is there in competition at all?

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    Wow Subaru did “say something” – they definitely understand their market and they had more to gain by speaking out than keeping silent.

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      @Dan: I’m not sure what any of us gain, including Subaru, unless they can point out how it is different from the other 19(?) states and the 1993 Federal law. There may be some differences but I have yet to see it pointed out. I did read some legal reviews and they certainly do not illuminate a difference. The reviews, like the nation seem to be very polarized.

      I’m sure that this will catch some grief and I’m all right with that if it addresses my question and isn’t just a personal view of the way the world is supposed to be.

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    Given how:

    1) GM doesn’t give a crap about the Chevy SS

    2) There is a total of two of them in a 50 mile radius from me

    3) None of them are manuals – and good luck finding that unicorn

    4) Sales are non-existent

    I could hope against all hope that in a last hooray for the Zeta platform that a sportwagon will make it to North America, but it’s not going to happen.

    A Sportwagon Chevy SS with the V8 and a manual – yes yes yes and yes. The G8 would be sold and this would replace it.

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