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From bad financial advice to Ecoboost performance hacks, here’s what you missed.

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21 Comments on “While You Were Sleeping: March 9th, 2015...”

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    You need a bolt-on and mods to get 380 Horsepower???

    That’s cute…

    Hope your service department has loaners for when you blow your EGOboost’s headers!


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      Of the 3 engines available, the V6 and V8 are the only ones I’d ever buy secondhand. I don’t want to take the chance of inheriting some MAD TOONERZ car.

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        “The Ecoboost Mustang can crank out nearly 380 lb-ft of torque at the wheels with a couple bolt-on mods and a tune.”

        Technically, that’s only correct in 5th gear. In first gear, it’s putting out well over 4000 lb-ft at the rear wheels. On the linked site, they do word it correctly: “torque to the wheels”.

        Boosting a forced induction engine beyond what the factory engineers determined it can reliably handle does not impress me in the least.

        I’m surprised my comment showed up in this spot. I clicked to reply to kvndoom just to agree with him, but decided to just comment on the semantics of torque instead and reloaded the page to avoid this.

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      380 HP out of a 4 banger is pretty impressive. With pretty much 1000lbs saved from any 400+ Chrysler LX car I’m sure this thing would give any LX R/T car the business.

      That said there is something deeply disturbing to me about the Rustang being opened up to the backwards cap “chip it bro” contingent. No V8 no fcking point.

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      I recently saw a video by a Hellcat owner. He mentioned you need to buy new tires for the Hellcat since the brand new tires from factory are not adequate.

      That must be a shitty car that requires modifications even before tuning.

      It also sounded like the Hellcat first needs some tuning since AWD, electric and any other car (short of NA I4 cars) will outrace it.

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      I actually really like the Ecoboost four. It takes a bunch of weight off the nose and isn’t hard to tweak from an ECU perspective.

      Personally, I’d take a naturally-aspirated four. Less stress, more space in the engine bay, easy to keep. The chassis is good enough and I really don’t need the power.

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        And what can you get from the Toybaru twins with a “tune” and no bolt ons?

        Oh yeah, that’s right – nothing…

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          “And what can you get from the Toybaru twins with a “tune” and no bolt ons?”

          The FT-86 is much-maligned, unjustly, I feel. It handles well and is a lot of fun to drive. But yeah, that powerplant: it really doesn’t leave much room.

          It’s rather like the RX-8 (another hugely underappreciated car) that way.

          I do wish the FT-86 had more cockpit space. In that sense, the RX-8 was excellent.

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          This is why I favor turbos… just an ECU and simple bolts-ons away from big power gains.

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          Jean-Pierre Sarti

          PD, i know the power numbers on the toyobaru has been a big point of contention for a lot of us but your statement no longer holds. Look up what owners, in the midwest in particular, are doing by tuning their toyobaru for either e85 or even straight ethanol and you will see some pretty amazing numbers from a change of fuel and a simple reprogram of the open cpu.

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        “I actually really like the Ecoboost four. It takes a bunch of weight off the nose”

        I believe the weight difference between the Coyote and 2.3L is very negligible. I’ll have to look it up again.

        Edit: Can’t find the figures for the engines off hand, but looks like the overall car is lighter.

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          “I believe the weight difference between the Coyote and 2.3L is very negligible.”

          It’s about a hundred pounds difference between the two (extrapolated from the 2.0L, which is 320 versus 440 for the 5.0).

          Again, I’d accept and NA 2.0L, or an Ecoboost 1.6, for the weight savings alone. But I’m not really a Mustang “person”

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      John R

      Point of order, guys. That’s 380 lb-ft of TORQUE not horsepower.

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        Saw that too.

        Second most popular internet pastime (after surfing porn)- spending more attention coming up with a snotty response to what you’ve read than you did on understanding what you read.

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    on the tier-2 story, how does the fact that Michigan now is right-to-work State affect the negotiations? Were members already allowed to to opt out of the union, or will that happen once the current contract expires? that would be a story worth investigating.

    (no, don’t want to start one of the union pro/con comment wars, I really wonder)
    In WI right-to-work is currently being legislated and the way i understand that will impact workers once the current contract run out. so not immediately.

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      My wife is in a teacher’s union in Michigan. The dues are currently deducted from her paycheck as has always been the case. They can do this as long as the previous contract is in effect. Thus, despite many changes and amendments, the teacher’s union has characterized each new contract as an “extension” of the previous contract to avoid having employees being responsible for paying dues directly and avoid free riders. It is a BS practice meant to end around the right to work laws, but has been effective so far. I am not aware of any challenges to the characterization of new contracts as extensions, but I am sure it will happen eventually.

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    Looks like EV’s are being challenged on another front. Who is killing the electric car? Looks like everyone

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    That poor old Mazda MZR 2261 cc block that Ford uses must groan when boosted to the hilt.

    Unlike the 1.0, 3.5 and 2.7 Ecoboosts, Ford hasn’t really come up with a new four for ages, relying on last generation Mazdas. Road tests of the 2.3t all say it’s not what you call an “eager” engine either. Pity.

    On the other hand, the Coyote V8 is a real gem.

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