While You Were Sleeping: March 10th, 2015

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
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  • Yet another boring econobox. Because it wouldn't have made sense to build a 4 door sedan with a hatchback using the Malibu's shape.

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    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Mar 10, 2015

      @bumpy ii You mean, the HHR without the retro? Who would buy that?

  • KalapanaBlack KalapanaBlack on Mar 10, 2015

    AFAIK this is just the American version of the Vauxhall Viva already being shown.

    • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Mar 10, 2015

      Funny, it looks a bit like the Opel Meriva shown below. Compared to the current Spark, it looks like the back seat will have enough room for people over five years old.

  • Moparmann Moparmann on Mar 11, 2015

    Looks like they've gotten rid of (or toned down) those stretched to the max headlight pods!! :-)