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Not one to be left in the dust, Ford is preparing a rival low-cost EV to go after the Chevrolet Bolt for a Los Angeles reveal this year.

AutoGuide reports the plug-in EV would be a stand-alone model instead of a repurposed product like a Fiesta or Focus. Ford hopes to beat Chevrolet to the punch with a production version before the Bolt hits showrooms in 2017, though both vehicles would likely reach customers before Tesla’s low-cost Model 3 sees the light of day.

Though little else has been found on this project, a concept version of Ford’s Bolt is expected to bow at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

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11 Comments on “Ford Readying Chevrolet Bolt Rival For Los Angeles Reveal...”

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    200-miles and I’m sold. It’s gotta be bigger than the Bolt though.

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    An all-electric B-Max? That would seem the easiest product to complete and release to be competitive.

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    My phone is being slow, but what sells either of these vs the established Leaf? Are they nicer inside new? I’d google, but…

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      There’s no specs on the Ford BEV, so who knows. The Focus BEV has a dedicated thermal management system for the battery and the Leaf does not. That’s a plus for some.

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        Nicholas Weaver

        For me, for one. I want a 200 mile BEV (or a 40+ mile PHEV). I could get away with on my commute with a 100 mile BEV, but as tempting as a used Leaf is, the lack of thermal management on the battery pack is a disaster.

        Both the Volt and Tesla have shown that with active thermal management, the LiIon batteries last a long time. The Leaf has shown that lack of active thermal management really hurts: those things die.

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          They’ve changed the battery chemistry on newer Leafs, so there isn’t as much of an issue. While I haven’t tested my car in the heat, in the cold I seem to be getting much better range at below freezing temps than older Leafs. My Leaf is also equipped with a battery warmer, so there is some active thermal management.

          From page EV-5 of the 2015 Leaf manual”

          “The Li-ion battery warmer automatically turns on when the Li-ion battery temperature is approximately -1°F (-17°C) or colder.”

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      Brian P

      If Bolt does what GM said it would … Range.

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    Brand new vehicle w/new technology engine and drivetrain being rushed into production-what could go wrong?

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    The Focus EV is a poor seller because it is a retrofit; thus, no cargo space. I think a “ground-up” BEV from Ford would do better sales-wise. Good to see that GM is upping the ante with the “Bolt” (Please, GM, find another name, FAST).

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