Small/Midsize Trucks Grab 15% Of January 2015's U.S. Pickup Market, Tacoma Still Rules The Roost

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
small midsize trucks grab 15 of january 2015 s u s pickup market tacoma still

The Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon combined to own 31.8% of the small/midsize U.S. pickup truck market in January 2015, up from near nonexistence one year ago.

This meant the class-leading Toyota Tacoma saw its market share plunge by more than 17 percentage points.

Yet Tacoma sales increased in January, rising 1567 units, or 16%, to 11,409 units, 3262 more than the Colorado and Canyon managed.

Since the new GM trucks became readily available in November, and in the lead-up to the debut of a refreshed 2016 Tacoma, sales of Toyota’s sub-Tundra truck have jumped 10%.

Nissan’s Frontier hasn’t been hurt by the arrival of new GM trucks, either. Frontier sales grew 5.5% in November, 12% in December, and 19% in the first month of 2014.

Small/Midsize TruckJanuary 2015January 2014% Change Toyota Tacoma11,4099,84215.9%Chevrolet Colorado5,9421442,343%Nissan Frontier5,8684,93119.0%GMC Canyon2,2051220,400%Honda Ridgeline2141,163-81.6%—— ——Total25,63815,95160.7%

In other words, if the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are stealing sales from the segment stalwarts, they’re not stealing many.

No, the Colorado and Canyon are simply assisting in the growth of the small/midsize truck category.

Small/Midsize TruckJanuary2015ShareJanuary2014ShareToyota Tacoma44.5%61.7%Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon31.8%0.09%Nissan Frontier22.9%30.9%Honda Ridgeline0.8%7.3%———Small/Midsize Share Of Total Pickup Truck Market15.4%11.7%Small/Midsize Pickup Share Of Total Industry2.2%1.6%

The five sub-full-size pickups – including the lingering Honda Ridgeline – form an increasingly meaningful category in America. But we’re still talking small potatoes. They combined to produce 15 out of every 100 new pickup truck sales in January, up from 12 in January 2015. They account for 2.2% of the auto industry’s total volume, up from 1.6% in January 2015.

For every one of these trucks sold last month, Ford sold more than two F-Series pickups. (Which might explain why Ford isn’t terribly worried about not marketing a newfangled Ranger in North America.) The Chevrolet Silverado easily outsold the whole small/midsize category. Ram’s truck lineup, lacking a Dakota, also outsold the Tacoma, Colorado, Frontier, Canyon, and Ridgeline combined.

Timothy Cain is the founder of, which obsesses over the free and frequent publication of U.S. and Canadian auto sales figures.

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  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Feb 04, 2015

    DenverMike - for once, I tend to agree with you ;) Pent up demand? All of those guys hanging on to older small trucks upgrading? I do believe that many pickups are purchased as more versatile substitutes for SUV's. These buyers tend to be more trend sensitive and since they aren't traditional pickup buyers will not put up with old technology to own a truck. The new Colorado/Canyon isn't stealing sales from traditional Toyota buyers or full sized buyers but dipping into the SUV market.

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    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Feb 06, 2015

      @DenverMike - so in effect you are saying that buyers of pickups are wasting their time and money. Yup. All sizes of pickups are inferior to SUV's. A lot of pickup buyers aren't traditional pickup buyers. That applies equally to full sized 1/2 tons as it does to small trucks.

  • Icygang Icygang on Feb 06, 2015

    It's interesting that many Americans buy Japanese in the large number instead American brands. Asian won't be like this, most people look for Asian brands instead of Western brand, that's why American cars and trucks are going to die from market.

  • Art Vandelay I’d grab one of these if I’d spent my working life at GM for sure!
  • Analoggrotto The factory is delayed due to an investigation of a peter puffery ring lead by VoGhost, Tassos, EBFlex a Civic Type-R
  • FreedMike Looking forward to the protests at the factory accusing Toyota of excessive woke-ism. First,, grooming. Lord help us all.
  • MrIcky I remember when Gladiators came out and everyone was shocked at how expensive they were. Now all the off road specials have caught up or passed it financially. I like this truck a lot, but I'd still take my Rubicon over this. I'd take this over the Ranger Raptor or Tacoma TRD though. When I found out the increase in track for the new TRD was just wheel offset-I knew they were just phoning it in. Why spend so much R&D on those stupid seats when you could have r&d'd longer arms or a front locker.
  • Alan Hmm, I see a bit of politicking here. What qualifications do you need to run GM or Ford? I'd bet GM or Ford isn't run by experienced people. Anyone at that level in an organisation doesn't need to be a safety whip, you need to have the ability to organise those around you to deliver the required results.