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With a little help from the Internet, images of the firepower for the upcoming 2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe have escaped, along with some specs.

The Korean Car Blog reports the 3.3 Turbo GDi, a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6, will deliver 365 horsepower and 379 lb-ft of torque to the back of the Coupe, which is expected to ride on a shortened version of the Genesis Sedan’s platform when it hits showrooms in late 2016. The new engine gains 27 horsepower and 84 lb-ft of torque over the current 3.8-liter naturally aspirated V6’s 348 hp/295 lb-ft.

Another feature of the 3.3-liter is Hyundai’s Intermediate CVVT technology, though little information was found thus far.

The Genesis Coupe is also expected to receive a V8 alongside the turbo-six, with speculation pointing towards the 5-liter mill in the Genesis Sedan. Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD system is also projected to be an option for the performance coupe.

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25 Comments on “Autoleaks: Hyundai’s 3.3L Turbo GDi Revealed...”

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    Hey Ford. Lincoln called, they want their version of the Stang. Suddenly Hyundai is the new Lincoln.

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    A V8 in the Coupe would be extremely interesting.

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    Lets hope this doesnt come with a boatload of added weight. The current Genesis sedan added 400lbs over the 1st gen. Maybe they are gunning for that Lexus RC market. Current Genesis coupe is pretty good though.

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      +100 (or should that be -400 for weight savings). At the track I was talking to some Gen Coupe owners and the #1 complain was weight. No shock there everyone at the track complains about weight these days. At 3,500 its pretty porky. One guy claimed his was pushing nearly 3,800. The Z is already too heavy at 3,200!

      This new Hyundai power plant sounds perfect to me. As mentioned below this is an ECU flash away from 400HP/400TQ. Sticking a V8 in this is going to upset the Mustang and Camaro crowd for sure.

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        Doesnt help that the Z feels heavy through the controls as well. I dont even drive mine anymore… my Civic is obviously much slower, but is so much less fatiguing to drive and easier to place on the road.

        Z and GC are kindred spirits. Sports cars built on highly compromised platforms. Good cars though.

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          Good call on the controls. The Z is almost a chore to drive at normal speeds. My wife hates it, especially compared to her Volvo which can be steered and shifted with your pinkie finger. The difference in the clutch feel between our two vehicles couldn’t be more dramatic. The Z makes you work at everything. However on the track that same firm-ness seems spot on.

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      The current Genesis is more substantial feeling all around than the prior gen (feels like one of the old time Mercedes) and in addition to the added tech and things like sound insulation, Hyundai opted to go the route of all-high tensile steel (the previous gen Genesis sedan had an aluminum hood).

      Hyundai will probably use weight reducing materials for the new coupe (as they will for the next Genesis sedan), but I wouldn’t count on seeing a V8 (for a sport coupe and not a pony/muscle car, an FI V6 pretty much fits the bill).

      A V8 would be better suited for a larger RWD coupe (like a 2-door version of the Genesis sedan).

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    John R

    365 horsepower and 379 lb-ft of torque seems like a really conservative tune for a twin turbo 6.

    Calg…err…Cobb AccessPort, take me away!!

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      It has similar power numbers to the current Ford 3.5L ecoboost V6, at least the version in FWD based AWD vehicles. However, look for those numbers to shoot up quite a bit with the new 3.5L and 9-speed/10-speed transmissions. Look for 400+ HP Explorers and Aviators soon.

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      Pretty sure Ford long ago pumped up the 3.5. Since I purchased mine in ’09 (a ’10 MKS), they then had 440 plus in the F150.
      Plus, wasn’t the recent showing of the next Ford GT 3.5 near 650?

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        The only current 3.5EB engined vehicle that doesn’t have 365 HP is the Navigator. It has 380 HP and 460 lb.ft of torque. The F150 and Expedition have 420 lb.ft of torque but keep the 365 HP figure, just like the D-platform vehicles.

        The next gen 3.5EB will offer big gains over the current engine. The F150 Raptor is rumored to have beween 450 and 500 HP. Expect a higher torque number than HP as well. I’d expect the next Explorer/Aviator to have versions with 400 HP or more.

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        ya…think you are correct. I was perhaps thinking about the torque boost levels.
        I am surprised since the after market has it going to 445 easily. I remember speaking to Henessey after their ads shown here…

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      The turbo system here uses 2 tiny ones which supposedly eliminates turbo lag and creates greater torque earlier.

      Sure there will be those who switch them out for larger turbos to get a higher nos., despite adding lag.

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    I sure didn’t expect Toyota and Hyundai to be the two automakers that keep the naturally aspirated V8 alive.

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    Big Al from Oz

    The 365hp and 379ftlb of torque must be for the GDI.

    I wonder what the diesel will put out? Around 280hp? and 450ftlb of torque?

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    Spanish Inquisition

    What is this? A turbo for ants?

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    Chicago Dude

    You know those photos are from the show floor at the Chicago Auto Show, right? Complete with an outdated photo of the Chicago skyline in the background.

    Breaking News! Thank you Internet!

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good… :-)

    Next Genesis Coupe – more like a Lexus SC or Chevy Camaro?

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