By on January 12, 2015

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Who likes topless Italians? I sure do…

The big news is an optional dual mode Akrapovic exhaust for extra noise. A cloth removable roof and a carbon fiber hardtop are available.

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16 Comments on “NAIAS 2015: Alfa Romeo 4C Spider...”

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    Let me be the first to say…Yes, please…oh Lawd, yes please…

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    Big Al from Oz

    Looks nice!

    I don’t mind the looks of Alpa’s. How reliable is it?

    Here a link to a really nice topless Italian with the removable clothe cover fitted. The Italians’ really do have the ability to make very attractive things.

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    Dudes are driving chick cars. Is this how Italians do sensitivity training?

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      Please tell us about how a $60k car…with a CF tub, tooth-loosener suspension and impossible ingress and egress…is a chick car.

      Toyota Solara convertibles and base Mustang convertibles are chick cars. Even then, not that many females like convertibles.

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        It looks like a Boxster after gender reassignment.

        The women of my village would want to take them home and feed them. They’d make a nice cage stuffed with hay (not straw!) for them and insist on heating the garage if it already wasn’t.

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    As long as they are under 30 and female…Who doesn’t?

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    Makes me long for the similarly sized, arguably much nicer and cleaner looking Artega. Heard that the carbon hard top does not fit under the front bonnet (which was a practical feature of the 80’s Porsche targa).

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    Seems like the internet really loves Alfa. Too bad they weren’t around when they were here.

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    Am I the only person (I am wondering) who does not think this car works in white? To me, it just looks wrinkled and swollen in white with all the seams, creases, and bulges. In other colors it looks great!

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    I love this car, but I would prefer the hardtop. I can easily see myself buying one in the future.

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    I really struggle to see the rationale behind Alfa lust. Every model I’ve seen or been in in the last fifteen years seems, to me, to be grotesque and overstyled, performance isn’t appreciably better (and is sometimes worse) than the competition and their reliability is almost always below-pare.

    It really seems like Forbidden Fruit syndrome.

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    Intended or not, the C pillars are a tribute to the batwing Bertone.

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    like white if the car can handle it (bac mono) but this doesn’t look good in white.

    Like the convert option, and the headlights look so much better.

    for me, the CF interior will look pretty shoddy in a couple years, that combined with alfas less than stellar longevity makes me think 36 month lease in Red exterior.

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