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Over four years ago, Chevrolet introduced a Volt-based crossover concept that hinted at the style the brand would have crossed someday, had not the resources been diverted to the Cadillac ELR.

That day might now be sooner than never.

Fox News reports General Motors made a new filing for the trademark Crossvolt in August of this year, abandoning a previous filing made in 2011 that the current application — published for opposition just before Christmas — duplicates.

As for the Volt-based crossover that could end up wearing the nameplate, a mule based on the Orlando was spotted last year among a handful of Volts undergoing testing, a hint that a second model based on the upcoming Volt set to bow at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show is in the works.

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29 Comments on “GM Files For ‘Crossvolt’ Name For Possible Volt-Based CUV...”

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    That’s a good looking CUV.

    GM is just so stupid. The ELR would have been better as a 4-door sedan even at its price. What possessed them to build a coupe?

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      The Volt should have been a Cadillac first to compete with the Tesla, then should have trickled down to Chevy. Taking a Chevy upmarket to Cadillac only succeeded in reminding people of the Cavalier/Cimarron debacle. They will never learn

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        It never could have competed with Tesla. Only seating for 4, and pathetically slow charging system for starters. Plus, many EV buyers would rather have increased electric range over that lump of iron under the hood.

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          Maybe not, but my bet is still had the Volt started out as a Cadillac and worked backwards to Chevy it would have sold better the the 3 ELRs that have sold and wouldn’t have hurt Chevy Volt sales and actually might have improved those as well

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            You’re right about the march of technology as it has been done in the past, luxury models first, then trickle down to lower levels. mcs has a point, though, in that a company trying out new tech like that has to start with a Prius fighter, not try to battle the Tesla. Plus, luxury car buyers are no longer tolerant of the beta tester role.

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            But luxury car buyers can and do play the beta tester role. For every Volt, I see probably 15 Teslas in my area. I would have thought that a Cadillac badged new platform (with a ton of media hype behind it) would have been far more palatable than a new car company.

            The problem with the volt is that it was over engineered and overpriced. In my opinion, with all the energy that was put into the Volt, up scaling it would have been easy.

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        I think you’re right, but that GM couldn’t have done that for political reasons.

        I seem to recall that, when they were begging for bailout money, GM was trumpeting the Volt as next Great Thing for America, and therefore deserving of taxpayer support for the whole company. At times, you got the impression it was their whole future vehicle lineup. They couldn’t have done that with a Cadillac, it had to be a Chevy.

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      Looks like they photoshopped a Chevy corporate nose onto the Q7 from the article below. Only so much you can do with a giant 4,500 pound block I suppose.

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      Brett Woods

      I thought the same thing when they showed the pre-electric drive Cadillac concept drawings on this site. I sensed it was a CEO personal project, building a car he might want to drive himself. It looked sharp in pencil, except for the jack-o-lantern grille. But logic said the chopped back end would mean poor rear visibility and low space. My impression was GM wanted the U.S. answer to the SEC and 6/8 series, which were low volume high depreciation machines. So I also thought why? However, I am not a fan of the new deep-dish Camaro (rented an SS drove it 300 yards and returned it) and that design has been popular and a good seller. So in another sense, ELR is an upmarket version of that.

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    We have a winner! I could see me in one of these…

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    That’s a stupid name. I’ll take it!

    Seriously, I’ve been following the Volt since the Camaro-like concept in the mid-late 2000s. I drove the Volt at my local Chevy dealer and liked it a lot – except that I’m a family man and proud father of 2, and it wasn’t a family car.

    It also wasn’t competitive with our paid off Prius in an apples-to-apples MPG comparison.

    In the crossover form-factor, the MPG comparison with the paid-off Prius in my driveway matters less, and 40 miles of electric range covers my average daily driving plus a standard deviation (or two?).

    It’s going to be a winner as far as green family transportation goes, unless an affordable Tesla wagon or the rumored plugin hybrid minivans materialize one of these years.

    I think “Crossvolt” is a stupid name; I’d suggest “Volt MPV” as a less stupid alternative. But I’ll take one anyways. In blue. With one rear-facing carseat, and one forward facing carseat, and a cargo area full of diaper bags and kid-sports equipment.

    It doesn’t really matter what they call it, I guess, just so long an it’s a competent plugin and a competent family hauler.

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    This is all just speculation of course and I’d bet that the redering above was not done by Chevy, just some freelance artist for a car news website. They’re just protecting a name. Hopefully it will look better than that. After all, isn’t the Volt now supposed to have Corvette inspired styling cues?

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    Chevrolet Current

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    Yes. Want. (and awd, pretty pleeeeeez??)

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    Jeff S

    You could drive that EV Ram in a demolition derby and call it a Battering Ram. That would be electrifying.

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    Nissan should sue them for copyright infringement for the Murano CrossCabriolet. But then they would have to remind people that they made the CrossCabriolet.

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    Rod Panhard

    I think I’d crucify the guy that came up with that name.

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    They should do what Japan does and call it the “X-Volt”.

    Unfortunately, any examples of Japan using X as Cross would expose me as the nerdiest nerd on TTAC.

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    A well executed CUV volt with a decent AWD system would interest this Forester driver.

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    It looks like an mildly face-lifted version of the Chevrolet Orlando with the Chevrolet Volt drive-train. A sort of spiritual successor to the HHR for the latter half of the 2010s.

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