Honda To Replace Takata Airbags Nationwide If Consumers Complain

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Worried that the airbag in your Honda may shred your face instead of saving it? Complain loud enough, and the automaker will replace the unit in question.

In a statement made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration earlier this month, The Detroit News reports Honda will replace units nationwide if its customer base complains, despite being limited at the moment to the 2.8 million under recall in high-humidity states, whose Takata airbag modules are at-risk for catastrophic failure:

It is our practice to repair these vehicles outside of these regions at the request of concerned customers. Additionally, we have a customer service procedure that addresses our individual customer needs and concerns and encompasses, as appropriate, the replacement of air bag inflators and the provision of or reimbursement for temporary alternative transportation.

Representative Chris Martin explained the move wasn’t made to bring in vehicles that were “secretly included” in the recall, but give peace of mind to those who own vehicles outside the recall effort. He added that a similar statement was posted on the automaker’s owner’s website, explaining to consumers of “certain” vehicles could bring in their cars for new airbags “as appropriate,” along with reimbursement for temporary transportation needs. Martin closed by stating Honda had “no reason to believe that there is a concern” for similar issues with the airbags outside of the recall area.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Burgersandbeer Burgersandbeer on Nov 19, 2014

    And when will Honda have parts for people outside the recall area, Q4 2015? BMW's recall is dated July 15th, and the two dealers closest to me still have no idea when they will have parts.

  • Crystalscott Crystalscott on Nov 19, 2014

    My Honda was distinctive. I am just glad it's different and unique. Perhaps, this is the reason why most people would consider this an empty canvas. Changing my rims and adding some hoods makes my Honda unique. I am pretty sure Honda would be working on this. I know a number may have complained, this serves as a warning. Checking the car you have in mind online could help. I have recently found this new car tool and was surprised with the details they provide.

  • Raresleeper Raresleeper on Nov 19, 2014

    Awwww, shucks. Honda givin me the warm and fuzzies. They're genuinely "concerned".

  • TomLU86 TomLU86 on Nov 19, 2014

    I'm sure Honda is trying to do the right thing, they are a good company. That said, air bags have always been dangerous. Up until now, the rare incidents when they go off for no reason have not gotten news coverage. There is nothing like having an airbag blow up on a nice, easy drive, to ruin your day--or maybe end your life. That's why air bags should NOT be mandated. Automakers should be free to offer them as standard, optional, or not available, and consumers should be free to weigh the very real pros (air bag deploying properly in an accident could save one's life or really reduce injury) and cons (air bag deploying accidentally could cause accident, injury and even death).