US New-Car Fuel Economy Improves For 2013, Falls For September 2014

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

Good news: New-car fuel economy in the United States improved to an average of 24.1 mpg in 2013.

Bad news: Said economy fell to 25.3 mpg for September 2014.

AutoblogGreen reports the 2013 average, as calculated by the Environmental Protection Agency, is not only an improvement of 0.5 mpg higher than in 2012, but is the highest the yearly average has ever been. It’s also the halfway point to the 2025 CAFE target of 54.5 mpg, which would come out to an EPA sticker value of 40 mpg thanks to improvements in gasoline engines, alternative clean technologies, and the credits such things generate.

Still, it is a long way to the top if the green parade still wants to rock and roll. According to AutoGuide, the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute reports the September 2014 average is a 0.5 mpg drop from the all-time high of 25.8 mpg recorded in August. The group adds that the last time U.S. new-car fuel economy dropped by 0.5 mpg was in December 2011. Research professor Michael Sivak says the drop “likely reflects the increased sales of light trucks and SUVs, and the reduced demand for fuel efficient vehicles of all types because of the falling gas prices.”

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Davefromcalgary Davefromcalgary on Oct 09, 2014

    September can be explained because HELLCAT

    • JohnnyFirebird JohnnyFirebird on Oct 09, 2014

      I think we need to hire some of those shady researchers to create a study on the benefits of smokey burnouts.

  • SaulTigh SaulTigh on Oct 13, 2014

    Just took our F150 (5.0 V8) on it's first road trip. What a fantastically comfortable vehicle to travel in. 880 miles, averaged 17.6 mpg. Filled up after getting home for $2.76 a gallon. Suck it OPEC!

    • Highdesertcat Highdesertcat on Oct 13, 2014

      SaulTigh, you have put into print what so many of us who own fullsize pickup trucks for long-distance travel already know. I used to drive my 2006 F150 (5.4L) XLT from New Mexico to Southern California in a one-way 13-hour stretch behind the wheel. I never got 17.6mpg though. My mpg was more like

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