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Lamborghini has joined Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren in the hybrid hypercar game with one of its own, the Asterion LPI 910-4.

This particular PHEV has its power fed to all four corners through three electric motors and one 5.2-liter V10 delivering 910 horsepower through a seven-speed dual-clutch auto. The V10 and one of the motors sit behind said transmission — with the electric in between the two — while the remaining electrics drive the front end. Nil to 60 is Aventador-level at 3 seconds flat, and tops out at 199 mph (78 mph in electric-only mode).

The hypercar also hits Prius levels of efficiency, delivering 56 mpg in the combined European test cycle; your mileage may vary. Further, the first 30 miles can be run on electric alone, with options of using all four engines or just the V10 available at the driver’s disposal.

Though it is on par with the 918 Spyder, LaFerrari and P1, the Asterion is more of a grand tourer than a track monster, with a bigger greenhouse and higher driver position than the other three PHEVs. The car also boasts a carbon fiber monocoque for less weight, though Lamborghini hasn’t said how much the Asterion weighs. The automaker adds that the concept was built with every component and technology available in-house, meaning production could start tomorrow if the lords of Sant’Agata wanted.

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18 Comments on “Paris 2014: Lamborghini Asterion LPI 910-4 Unveiled...”

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    That is an astonishingly beautiful car.

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      I generally don’t like Lamborghinis. I must say I agree totally with your assessment of this one, it is amazing.

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      Land Ark

      This is a total and welcome departure from typical Lambo styling. This could lead to a revamp in how super cars are designed.

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      Especially in that shade of blue.

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      More like sculpture…..

      With the standardization of highly functional underpinnings of pretty much every car on the market these days, I wonder when the first startup (probably from China with little brand cachet to ride) will build chassis with standardized bodywork mount points; allowing coachbuilders to go crazy…..

      In prior goarounds, there has always been a stigma against “Ferrari bodied Fieros”, largely because they tend to suck. And because plebeians are supposed to know their place and not try to fake it. But with car technology by now functionally evolving at about the same pace as handbag tech, isn’t it time to stop pretending, and give the fashion designers the tools they need design them for visuals alone?

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      It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good.

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    This is among the most attractive looking Lamborghinis ever made. Regardless of drivetrain, they should put that body into production.

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    The front bumper, below the driving lights just kills it for me. Looks like it’s already smacked a parking block. Doesn’t match the smooth lines of the rest of the car.

    Otherwise, this is a stunner.

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    I’m a huge Lambo fan, and this car doesn’t disappoint despite my initial misgivings anytime I hear the word “hybrid”. :D

    Still, I wonder why they can dump resources into this, into the hideous Urus SUV, and yet still won’t give us a production-ready version of the popular Estoque sedan concept.

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      Have you spent time with the kind of person who can reasonably afford to drive a new Lamborghini recently? Why would VW-Audi-Porsche-Lambo cannibalize 17ish Panamera sales to make a sedan that wouldn’t sell terribly well in the Middle East?

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    I clicked the jump to criticize the name, but damn. That’s about all I can criticize – that thing is gorgeous.

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    i’m gonna go against the grain and say that overall i find it a little to conservative especially for a lamborghini and while i hate such cars as the Veneno I dont want them to do a Ferrari 612

    the one major complaint is i think the nose and the area from the front wheels to the tip is just odd like it doesnt quite fit… the nose is a bit too high like as if its the front end of a Panamera

    also its channeling the Evora which isnt my choice of car to copy

    its a bit underwhelming to me

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      This Is Dawg

      Looking at the profile, if I cover everything forward of the A Pillar this thing looks like a 5/4 scale corvette, so I think I’m expecting a longer hood. The front end seems to me like it was designed separately or at a different time than the rest of the car. I think a simpler, longer front end would make the car flow better. That being said, dat ass is phenomenal.

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    I hope the Lambo Asteriod makes it to development!

    My issue: The eblem on the front is blue and gold, I’m guessing to represent hybrid. The emblem on the wheels and steering wheel is black and gold like usual. No. Must match.

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    the lacquer black a-pillar ruins it for me.

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    I never thought I’d think a Lamborghini’s styling derivative.

    I was wrong.

    Looks like a modern adaptation of the Jarama with the quarter windows filled.

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