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For those who wanted a MINI, but only if it had two extra doors — and wasn’t a Countryman — then this MINI Hardtop 5-Door’s for you.

With its overall length increase of 6.3 inches and boosted wheelbase of 2.9 inches, the five-door hatch is not exactly “mini”; it’s also longer than the Toyota Yaris or Mazda2. That said, it can hold five passengers, offers a half-inch more headroom than the three-door model, and can carry more with its 13.1 cubic-foot trunk.

Up front, either a 1.5-liter three-pot (134 horsepower/162 lb-ft torque) or a 2-liter turbo-four (S model; 189 horses/207 lb-ft, 221 lb-ft overboosted) can deliver power to the front wheels via either six-speed manual or auto transmissions. Nil to 60 is 7.6 seconds, 6.6 for the S Hardtop.

Both models come with two modes of travel: Sport and Green. Adjustments to both throttle and transmission deliver either better efficiency or performance, with auto-equipped models shifting into neutral when coasting for more fuel savings in Green mode. Camera-based adaptive cruise control, LED headlamps, start/stop button et al are available, as well.

Price of admission is $22,550 for the standard model, $25,950 for the S variant. Both Hardtops will be due at the dealership soon.

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19 Comments on “Paris 2014: 2015 MINI Hardtop 5-Door Arrives...”

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    Johnny Canada

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

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    With the MINI now platform sharing with the BMW Active 2 thing, the nose on the regular 3 door models commands too much of the visual heft. The extra 2 doors and wheelbase help it out a bit. It would definitely be at the top of the running if/when we need to replace my wife’s ’05 MCS.

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      It does look pretty much proportioned like the original 2 door…. :) Looks fine in the pictures, but I personally don’t feel the design language translates well to the larger size. There are reasons why all the other purveyors of similarly “large” cars, style them more traditionally…

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    Mini Countryman, Mini Clubman, Mini Paceman… Needs to start with a P, this four-door. Mini Pukeman?

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      Given the added interior volume, and obvious aim at videogame aged rear seat passengers, or perhaps just those who’s eaten too much candy to fit in the original, what about PackMan…..

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      Two-doors start with a P, the four-door models start with a C. Mini Crackman? Mini Couchman? I feel like I’m designing baddies for Mega Man 11.

      “Mini Man must defeat the 6 Gobot Masters to defeat Dr Willys! Take on Paceman, Clubman, Cooperman, Countryman, Rocketman, and Superleggeraman!”

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    Given the BMW sharing the same platform will be available in AWD, I assume it would be possible to put AWD on the new Mini hardtops, which means what is the purpose of the Countryman and Paceman? They are now almost the same size, the hardtop is available in 5 doors, and could be available in AWD – so my guess is the next Countryman will also be bigger- maybe they can call it a Maxi.

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    I will just wait out till they release a 4-door sedan version. Or maybe a 4-door coupe. And add bumpers. Really could use some bumpers.

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      You know, there was a an original Mini sedan (Wolseley Hornet and Riley Elf). Trunk the size of a shoe box so I guess it was there for those who MUST have a sedan.
      So, OK, BMW could make a sedan / coupe.

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    A convertible version… when will that be coming out?
    Then it’ll get AWD, in order to compete with the Nissan Murano convertible.

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    That face – that face is calling to me. It’s calling “Oh no! Not Mr. Sluggo!”

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    It sounds interesting in concept but I can’t help but feel that Fiat is doing the same thing with just less luck. At 25K I’m not sure I feel justified unless this is a second car runabout.

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    Looks fine to me. It’s going to be hard to translate the Mini design language into a 5-door car, and this does about as good a job as can be done. The Clubman and Countryman, on the other hand, are not good looking vehicles. The Clubman just doesn’t work, and the Countryman is plain silly looking. IMO, this is actually what the Clubman should have looked like all along. Are they going to keep that now that they have this?

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    OK so I think the look will take a bit of getting used to. It’s like a stretched new original… I think the added convenience of rear doors and extra space will really benefit the brand in terms of sales. 3 doors look cool but in reality and everyday living they are a pain. 5 doors is perfect. 4 doors for passengers and the big old door at the back for all the cra… stuff you just bought at Costco ;-)

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    Rod Panhard

    It’s unfortunate that here in the States, there aren’t enough varieties of “four-door hatchbacks that are fun to drive” to make a category on a TV gameshow. Even if we expand that to include “crossovers,” it’s still not enough choices.

    I refuse to pass judgement until I see it in the flesh, but my initial thought is that PetSmart called and they want the fishbowls back that MINI used for taillights.

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