Dodge Viper Assembly To Resume Mid-November

Cameron Aubernon
by Cameron Aubernon

After months of idling, the Dodge Viper will once again roll out of the assembly line to a roped-off display near you.

Automotive News reports the Conner Avenue plant will start production of the supercar in mid-November after shutting down July 3. The move follows a sales increase in September, thanks to a $15,000 discount to help move unsold 2013 and 2014 stock, as well as an additional $15,000 off via a coupon given to over 1,000 customers that will remain good until January 2, 2018.

In the aforementioned month, 108 Vipers were dusted off and sent to a good home after buyers paid $86,880 for them, besting August 2014’s 38 and September 2013’s 45. Dodge chief Tim Kuniskis said October sales are also turning out to be strong, helping to bring inventory down to appropriate levels.

Speaking of inventory, dealers have ordered 200 2015 Vipers, which will only be assembled once more older stock heads out onto the highway. Once assembly starts, only the GT and base SRT trims will come down the line at first, with the more upscale TA and GTS trims following after inventory becomes reasonable.

Cameron Aubernon
Cameron Aubernon

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  • Mr Imperial Mr Imperial on Oct 22, 2014

    I've always had a preference for the Viper over the 'Vette-but I'm glad that these two cars have had each other to go against over the past 20+ years. Competition has improved each car-GM wants to outdo Dodge, Dodge wants to take the crown as "America's Supercar." Yes, the 'Vette would have still gone against Asia and Europe's finest even without the Viper, but having an threat to one's supremacy on the same hometurf-awesome for us customers in the end. Remember being excited about the 1994 Viper's 400 h.p. and the C5 'Vette Z06 having 405 h.p.!

  • Pig_Iron Pig_Iron on Oct 22, 2014

    Redline 426 Hemi option please, and drop the price accordingly.

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    • Danio3834 Danio3834 on Oct 22, 2014

      @bosozoku She don't fit, too tall and wide. However, there's probably something even better in store down the road.