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When Daimler begins production of its next-gen Sprinter, quite a few of the vans will be leaving an assembly line somewhere in North America.

Automotive News reports the partial shift in production will help the automaker “cover the growing demand for large vans in the North American market economically” by producing them locally “in the NAFTA region,” according to Mercedes’ head of vans, Volker Mornhinweg.

Presently, the U.S.-bound Sprinters are made in Dusseldorf and Ludwigsfelde, Germany, then sent over in CKD form to Ladson, S.C. for reassembly. Around 23,000 Sprinters were sent in this manner to U.S. customers in 2013, the sales second only to Germany.

As for where the new plant will be built, Mornhinweg says the exact location would be chosen in the coming months, with sites in the U.S., Canada and Mexico being examined.

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19 Comments on “Daimler Expanding Sprinter Production To North America...”

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    Too bad Pillette Road is gone. I can only see a low volume, low margin product like this going to Mexico.

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    They need more volume to make this a workable proposition. I can’t see how they could justify a brand new plant for 23,000 units a year. I’m guessing there will be a partnership, or the plant will be dualed with some other product. I suppose they could expand Tuscaloosa but Sprinters would be very different from what they’re building there now.

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    Are the production vans going to come with those wheels?

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    A rap video from 2002 called. It wants those wheels back.

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    It’s funny seeing the Euro-built ones on the roads here because they’re usually rusted to shit after just a few Canadian winters.

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    Finally, it was stupid decision all along to produce in Germany then somehow to send it to US and than complete it there, because of that tax, the same thing Ford is doing with Turkish imports of Transit connect it think to avoid tax on full commercial vehicles imports.

    Anyway Daimler has big passenger car plant in US + Daimler is No.1 in heavy trucks in NAFTA, so they have enough plants and people to produce Vans like Sprinter, don ´t know why they haven´t decided sooner to produce locally for NAFTA markets

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    This may be a worthy vehicle for its intended utilitarian purposes, but if ever something was misnamed, it’s surely the Sprinter. How about the Plodder instead?

    Or maybe MB dropped in an AMG 6.3 engine and didn’t tell us?

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    Have heard nothing but complaints about these vans. They’re not suited to the great white north as almost all of them are bleeding red after a few winters. Goes to show you that there’s a lot more rotten stuff under the skin.

    Perhaps the people who design Sprinters should get together with the people who design the Actross and maybe get those people to show them how to make a…truck with a van body.

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      Believe VW who have their own version of the Sprinter, with smaller VW engine, have commissioned MAN the Truck builder to build a new VW Van , that will replace the Crafter which is being built by Mercedes for VW

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      The Dodge 2500 version of the Sprinter seems to do well in my part of the country, and several have been made into Conversion Vans and Camper Vans, with windows all-around, nice Captain’s chairs, beds and plush interiors.

      While the basic Sprinter costs ~$30K, the conversion process can easily add $50K or more in trim and labor.

      OTOH, many airports seem to use these as shuttle-buses as well. I’ve been on a few.

      So there exists a market for them ever since the Detroit full-size Vans have been dropped or replaced with lighter-duty fare.

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    You mean like the ones built in North Charleston, SC?

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    I vote for Philadelphia or Baltimore.

    (I don’t get a vote.)

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