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In the 1930s, Chrysler experimented with aerodynamics to deliver a product that could slip through the wind better than the vehicles of the day, bestowing upon the public the Airflow. Alas, not too many people were ready for the future, leaving the concept a commercial failure.

Today, Citroën is giving the name and concept a second try, with fuel economy and the environment in mind.

Revealed prior to its live debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show, the C4 Cactus Airflow 2L’s own aero — including shutters for the grill and wheels, air extractors, underbody panels — help the concept deliver a rating of 2 liters — or 2L — per 100 kilometers (0.52 gallons/62 miles) traveled.

Regarding weight, aluminum, high-yield steel and composites contribute to a reduction of 100 kilograms (220 pounds) in comparison to the production C4 Cactus; total weight is 865 kg/1,907 lbs.

Finally, the Airflow 2L’s Hybrid Air drivetrain uses air power from its on-board compressor to move the concept around when the three-pot PureTech engine isn’t burning gasoline, with the ability to use both when necessary.

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12 Comments on “Paris 2014: Citroën C4 Cactus Airflow 2L Revealed Prior To Live Debut...”

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    You’re not trying hard enough with your conversions! To put it in numbers we can understand, that would be 31 miles to the quart, or 15.5 miles per pint.

    Otherwise, I really like the C4 Cactus. Yeah it’s SUV-like in proportions, but in reality it’s a light hatch in disguise, which even without this aero work and hybrid-air system, already gets pretty good milage.

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    I like this for the Rubbermaid nerf pads alone. The retro Erector Set wheels are just icing on the gateau.

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    117.5 mpg. And it looks freaky cool. Doesn’t look like it weighs so little, either!

    I’m wondering if that’s NEDC, though…

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    Well I guess as soon as we set up an infrastructure of air dispensers to fuel this thing it’ll be viable.

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    Oh dear look at those big full moon caps. Fridge man will be extra delighted.

    A return to the days of old luxury and big hubcaps, ‘cept now you cover for aero efficiency.

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    lOmnivore Sobriquet

    Ok, some digital camera in place of rear view mirrors… not sure that I like it.
    The wheel wells are to big for my taste.
    The rest is really appealing…

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    Aero dog dishes!!

    Drenched in French weirdness.

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    I am wondering how the compressed air is compressed. It would make sense if it was done in a similar manor to regenerative braking.
    It is mind bendingly complicated to convert from liters per 100km to MPG… And that is NOT because the metric measurement is the problem.
    I suggest this site just report metric and abandon MPG…

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      “I am wondering how the compressed air is compressed.”

      Don’t worry about it. It will be wonderfully reliable in this new Citroen, I’m sure.

      “I suggest this site just report metric and abandon MPG…”

      The US govt. tried that, but the logic was lost on both our proletariat and bourgeoisie. That or people just don’t like change.

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