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If you test-drove an Infiniti Q50S recently and came away with disappointment because its steering was lacking, you’ll be happy to know the sedan will receive an upgrade, courtesy of the G37.

Car & Driver reports the hydraulic steering found in the sibling sedan will replace the base hydraulic setup when the Q50S is updated for the 2016 model year. The brand’s product planning chief, Keith St. Clair, explains:

Some members of the enthusiast community, including the media, suggested the car could benefit with enhanced steering feel, as in more engagement similar to the former G Sedan Sport.

St. Clair’s team built a prototype using the sedan’s steering alongside exhaust system tweaks, and found the improvements impressive enough to bring the mule before the brand’s top brass, leading Infiniti to find “the fastest path for adopting [the improvements] into regular production.”

The Q50S will also receive styling and chassis upgrades along with the new steering and exhaust improvements, though no word has been given on whether or not Q50 or Q50S Hybrid models will also receive the G37’s hydraulic steering.

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13 Comments on “2016 Infiniti Q50S To Receive G35’s Hydraulic Steering...”

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    Any chance of it getting its “G” back so it’ll be easier to recognize?

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    Infiniti kind of went on a wild goose hunt with the Q50. The G37 was fine… all it needs, IMO, is a DSG to replace the auto (though they should keep the torque converter to get it rolling), and maybe some new engines. Pains me to say it, but a turbo 4/twin turbo 6 setup like the 3 series would work pretty well, with 250/350 HP outputs. 3.7 is stretched and just middle of the pack.

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    any chance of the stick shift sedan coming back? This is good news, it also needs to apply to vehicles with the tech packages. My friend test drove one, and he wants adaptive cruise control, which currently requires the steer by wire systems, which he described as the worst steering he’d ever experienced in a car, and reason enough for him not to buy one.

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      Infiniti has some of the worst option packaging in the industry. Almost nothing is a stand-alone option. Want Package C? Well, you have to select Package B, which of course requires Package A. Pretty soon your entry level luxury car is reaching for $50K.

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    That’s good. The G/Q40 had a very good chassis and setup, and drove brilliantly. It just needed to become a little more refined from a design and fit-and-finish standpoint. Infiniti definitely succeeded there because the new car looks and feels significantly more upscale, but there’s no reason to abandon the excellent driving DNA of the G.

    And they should probably look at slotting a turbo-four or something beneath the 3.7-liter.

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      The overseas variant of the Q50/Skyline are already being equipped with Mercedes M274 turbocharged 2.0L (good for 211ps & 350Nm torque), but it looks like North America will be passed over for this option due to a lack of perceived demand.

      I’m guessing the low sales number of the G25 here may have something to do with this?

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    Now wait just a moment! Isn’t the defining feature of Q50’s steering that it is not connected — the first in the industry? Supposedly, the steering wheel only signals the steering angle, and the feedback is entirely artificial. If you throw a G37 steering rack on this, you must eliminate the disconnect (and the emergency clutch), and use the traiditional steering column with a steering shaft. Why is nobody talking about it? Where is Jack Baruth, who overheated one of those for R&T? If the first-in-the-industry disconnected steering becomes not such, shouldn’t we at least know about it? Or am I hopelessly confused?

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    It is puzzling that sports car manufacturers immediately jumped on the electric steering bandwagon. I know it saves some gas but when someone pays $50K for a sports car, they do so for the driving enjoyment and are probably not too concerned with half an MPG her or there.

    It particularly ridiculous in cars like the Porsche GT3.

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    The disconnected steering may be great for an LS460 competitor, but not for a BMW 3 series competitor.

    The G35/37 had great steering feel.

    I have no problems with electrically assisted steering systems, but this particular system totally put me off buying a Q50s. Maybe a 2016 Q50s is in my future…

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    Chicago Dude

    “Some members of the enthusiast community, including the media,”

    Translated into plain English: “People who don’t buy cars”

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