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Not content with only the S-Class receiving the Maybach treatment for a potential shout-out in Lorde’s next jam, Mercedes-Benz wants to take the Maybach trim line to the next level: The GL-Class. reports the automaker wants to give a super-luxury makeover to the seven-passenger premium SUV as it seeks to make Maybach to luxury what AMG is to performance. Should this indeed follow the upcoming S-Class by Maybach — based upon the two-row W222 sedan over the three-row pullman at the top of the class — the GL will retain its architecture while receiving styling tweaks and S-Class technology, such as semi-active suspension with body-roll control.

Mercedes board member in charge of research and development, Dr. Thomas Weber, sees potential in the growing super-luxury SUV segment — led by the likes of Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini — for his employer to mount its own offensive, opining that it’s only a matter of “how fast and how parallel” Mercedes can bring the GL-Class by Maybach into production.

As for where the new SUV would turn up, the Middle East, Russia and the United States are among the key markets up for consideration.

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9 Comments on “Mercedes: Maybach Trim To Potentially Grace GL-Class...”

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    Does anybody really care about the Maybach name, know what the history is, or associate anything with it? Will these “editions” come with a Wikipedia sticker on the door? It’s like that SNL line from the Johnny Carson parody: “Older reference lost on younger audience.” How about a Frank Sinatra edition? Or a Kim Jong-il edition?

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    87 Morgan

    Perhaps they are on to something here…they could create sub niches if you will.

    The ‘war Lord’ edition, Drug Lord, Dictator edition which would have an upgrade to Evil as the top option, Beverly Hills etc.

    Sort of like the LL Bean Subie, Eddie Bauer Explorer.

    I am seeing big returns for MB if they market this well

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    It only makes sense. For a lot of brands, the big CUV is their real flagship. For Acura, its the MDX; for Cadillac, it’s the Escalade.

    By offering a Maybach GL, Mercedes gets a halo for its CUVs and can beat Bentley and Land Rover in a new market.

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    This is inevitable as the sun rising in the east. I’m sure the armor conversion shops can’t wait to get their hands on it, too.

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    This is different from a Cartier/Gucci/Pierre Cardin edition Continental how?

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    You’d think they might spend time making an ultra-lux version of their more expensive G, which already appeals to rich people. The GL is not nearly as posh, and is generally poorly regarded by the blonde women who own them. Too much time at the service center.

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    It’s only a matter of time before somone at MB realizes that they can make an even bigger pile of money by selling a “Maybach AMG” trim. The AMG engine with the ritzy trimmings. Think of it like a flagship to the flagship.

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