It Could Be The New Taurus…

it could be the new taurus 8230

The AutoSpies might have done it again!

The “Ford Tech Conference” didn’t generate a lot of news, but right in the middle of it somebody decided to move a Ford engineering or styling mule around a little bit. A better photo along with context can be found here. To us, there’s something sad about the fact that America no longer seems to want a full-sized Ford… unless it’s wearing a truck badge.

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  • IDANECK IDANECK on Jul 03, 2014

    I really like the Taurus and pushed my wife to consider one a few years ago. We ended up getting an Accord EXL for $23k but could have gotten a CPO SHO or SEL AWD for the same. Same size interior and bigger trunk than the Accord, didn't realize how bad the console was until we tried the Honda. My right knee has all the room in the world. So we have a somewhat louder car but more fuel efficient and moves along just fine for our needs (averages 32mpg while cruising at 85mph in Idaho and Utah). I just liked the brashness if the big bull in metallic black.

  • John Rosevear John Rosevear on Jul 04, 2014

    If that is in fact a future Ford product, I'm putting my chips on it being the next MKS, not the next Taurus. I have no inside info or anything, but it seems like a good bet that the new Taurus will share the corporate Ford face that has worked so well for the Fusion, not some completely new thing, whereas "completely new thing" is pretty much what Lincoln urgently needs...

  • Hummer Hummer on Jul 04, 2014

    I wonder if it will have a sliding box built into the door, at the trend these are going I doubt one will be able to fit fast food in through the window at drive thru's.

  • FreedMike FreedMike on Jul 05, 2014

    Anyone know if this is still being built on the same old platform? If so, I predict continued fail...