PredictionZ: Nissan Could Be Working on a New Z

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy
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predictionz nissan could be working on a new z

Taking all of this with a huge grain of salt, as future plans at many manufacturers are often more fluid than the salty Atlantic Ocean, reports are surfacing of Nissan forging ahead with a new Z. And it’s not a crossover.

According to the UK outlet Autocar, Nissan will display a concept Z at this year’s Tokyo show in October*, with a production version showing up a year later in L.A.

Citing knowledge from “insiders,” the new car is slated to appear in coupe and convertible form, packing a version of the twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 found in the Q60. It may be called the 400Z, which up until now I thought was a unit of measure for frosty beer mugs.

Thanks to Johan de Nysschen’s penchant for the letter Q, I had to go and reconfirm the Q60’s stature in the Infiniti hierarchy. Possessing this engine between its fenders, the 3.0t Sport trim makes 300 horsepower from the 24-valve six-pot while the Red Sport 400 cranks the wick up to, well, 400 hp. Explains the numerical addendum to its nomenclature, then. It also explains the potential 400Z nameplate. Torque is 295 lb-ft and 350 lb-ft on the two versions, respectively.

The more powerful Red Sport is also available with power shunted to all four wheels, a $2,000 premium. Rear-drive versions of the car have a staggered tire size, 20-inchers measuring 255/35 in the front and 275/30 in the rear. They are thin veneers of black paint around aluminium alloy wheels, then.

Infiniti bills the suspension on all three of these Q60 variants as a “dynamic digital” setup, with electronically controlled shock absorbers provide high damping force at low frequency vibrations and low damping force at high frequency vibrations. The latter is purported to smooth out the ride with the other is intended to keep things flat when exploring the envelope’s edge.

For comparison purposes, the Q60 is 184.4 inches long, 72.8 inches wide, and stands 54.5 inches tall. Today’s Z checks in at 167.5, 72.6, and 51.8 inches for the same measurements. If these predictions hold true, we’ll be looking at a much larger Z car. Wheelbase is eight inches more as well.

Sales of the existing 370Z have hovered around 7,000 units annually since calendar year 2011 except for last year when only 4,614 of the machines departed dealer lots. With the current Zed long overdue for a refresh, these rumours do have a certain believability to them.

*Another grain of salt arises from the fact the bi-annual Tokyo Auto Show isn’t held until October 2019.

[Image: Nissan]

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  • Church Church on Mar 19, 2018

    In my eyes recipe to make better "new" Z-car is simple. Use Z370 insides & put them in 350Z like body, w/o those overdone front and taillights and fat juke-ish porker rear arches. Bring back classic looks of clean lines. It will even help to stand out among too busy with small details modern designs of most manufacturers.

  • TW5 TW5 on Mar 19, 2018

    If the rumors are true, Nissan is drinking from the poison chalice of add weight and complicate. Nissan has a couple of different ways it can go, none of them involve borrowing a boosted Infiniti V6. Nissan can build a new inline-6, which will generate buzz in Nismo circles, and it will screw with Toyota who are supposedly one day going to build an inline-6 Supra. Nissan can steal their thunder, and move the GTR back to it's old inline-6 format. The Z will become they GTR's RWD naturally aspirated brother. Simplify. Nissan can move down into Miata territory by building something with a longitudinal inline-4. That will generate a little bit of buzz. Reduce weight and possibly simplify. Nissan can be crazy, and put a VK56 under the hood and throw some shade at American sportscars and muscle cars. Simplify.

  • Kjhkjlhkjhkljh kljhjkhjklhkjh Dear whiny people .. keep a small number of diesel busses. replace the rest .. my god people like sticking poles in their own bike spokes...
  • Canam23 I moved to Los Angeles in 1968 and the air was barely breathable. Thanks to the mandating of pollution controls and the work of the Air Quality Management District, it's 100% better today. When the first pollution targets were set in the 70's, Detroit moaned that it would be impossible to achieve, meanwhile the Japanese sat down and figured out how to do it. As a result of the constant strengthening of the anti pollution laws, our air is much less dangerous for our children. Furthermore, engineering has now created very clean, powerful and efficient engines. So Stellantis, I'm not buying it.
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  • FreedMike Right, the fact that Jeep sales are down this year has nothing to do with it...nope. See FlyersFan's post above for the figures. They're ugly. Now, you'd think that a fact like this might be in this story, but a headline like "Jeep announces layoffs because its' sales are down" just doesn't have enought red meat to toss out. But toss "California" into the mix and voila! Political food fight. And given the political proclivities of a large bloc of Stellantis' U.S. customers, why not blame the big bad gubmint? And by the way, if Jeep has a beef with California, what's with this ad?
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