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Lincoln is gearing up to launch in China, with a lineup full of CUVs and SUVs – and their only sedan offering won’t even be retrofitted to Chinese tastes.

Carnewschina is reporting that Lincoln’s Chinese lineup will consist of the new Ford Escape-based MKC, the new MKX and the Navigator (already a popular grey import). In a market that is hungry for CUVs and SUVs, this isn’t such a bad strategy.

But Lincoln’s sole offering in the sedan department will be the MKZ, which will be imported (meaning expensive tariffs relative to locally built German and American competition) and will not offer a long-wheelbase version that so many Chinese consumers gravitate towards.

While this may seem like an oversight on Lincoln’s part, there is a missing piece of the puzzle. An all-new large sedan is coming in 2016, set to replace the MKS. And as TTAC exclusively reported, it will be designed with China in mind. Dubbed Project GOBI, the new car will be focused on the “Chinese business customer”, meaning lots of rear legroom and sumptuous interior finishing. The basis for the car will be the same front-drive CD architecture as the MKZ/Fusion, and it will apparently offer the new 2.7L Nano V6 Ecoboost engine as one powertrain choice.

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20 Comments on “Lincoln Launches In China, China-Focused MKS Replacement To Follow...”

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    My Uncle bought a new 2009 MKS Ecoboost when it was released and then re-leased into the 2013 which he currently has until a new one comes out.

    The interior feels higher in quality than the Chrysler300’s top trim. Unfortunately, SYNC is a hot mess and the voice commands – and touch isn’t very fluid (not as much as Uconnect touch).

    The AWD system is good and the EGOboost is aggressive, but it feels out of character for a “luxury car” to make loud whirring noises.

    It gets loud when you want it too, but loud doesn’t feel right.

    The interior is “bunkerized”. Thick doors, a massive transmission tunnel platform that “cockpitizes” the driver/passenger. Then you go to the back and have decent upright seating with awkward headroom due to the coupe-like roofline.

    A Big car riding on a small car’s platform (outdated Volvo). The new one needs to be “all new” with a focus on leg space and headroom. Lincoln needs to put out a product as “nice” as the XTS with the 3.5-L EGOboost as standard.

    Is it a good looking car? Well – it looks different enough when you get tired of seeing GS, ES, LS, S550, A8 and other ubiquitous cars used for luxury limos on the road, but It just doesn’t feel like a “Lincoln”

    My grandparents used to have Continentals and Town Cars and this just doesn’t feel as “LINCOLN” as an XTS feels like a “CADILLAC”.

    Big, long cars with V8 engines that any pimp, businessman or Billionaire would be proud to ride around in.

    When I watch old movies from the 70’s and 80’s and see the Lincolns and Cadillacs. I’m like: why aren’t their cars like that now?

    The Chinese absorb those old movies and that’s what makes them shun a $100,000 Mercedes for a $60,000 Lincoln.

    They DREAMED of owning that “star” or that “crest” when they were kids.

    I don’t go to sleep dreaming of owning a Lincoln, a Buick or a Cadillac.

    I want to wake up in a new Bugatti.

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    Is Jimmy Fallon going to shill for them in China, would the Chinese understand “curated” tweets?

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    China loves American cars as it is so I doubt any major mods are necessary to impress. Look at how they devoured the Buick Century and Park Avenue!

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    I guess Lincoln can’t get enough failure here, they have to fail in China too with their mediocre rebadges.

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      They’re making a “presence” in China, without putting all their eggs in one basket, as GM has done. If the naysayers claiming imminent Chinese economic troubles are right, that’s a cutting losses strategy. If they’re wrong, Lincoln can always ramp it up, once established.

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    Ford Australia has been testing Chinese bound Lincoln sedans in Australia.

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