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Ford’s Focus lineup has got an ST-D. D for diesel, that is.

The Focus ST Diesel gets a 2.0 diesel making 182 horsepower and an 295 lb-ft of torque. On the European cycle, it gets 64.2 mpg and emits 114 grams per km of CO2. 60 mph comes up in 8.1 seconds, compared to 7.5 seconds for the VW Golf GTD.

The gasoline powered Focus ST gets a new start-stop system, while both cars get an updated interior with Ford’s revised SYNC system.

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17 Comments on “Ford’s Got A (Focus) ST-D...”

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    I would buy a diesel engined Fusion in a heart beat (Focus is a little too small for me), if the engine was built by Ford. I’m frankly leery of diesels built in Europe and installed in American cars.

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    Go go magic google ball… the 2013 Focus St does 0-60 about a tick and a half faster.

    Nice that they are offering (I guess in Europe at least where such things matter) a diesel performance car all the same.

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    Most Americans just won’t get how good this car will be for them… All that torque!!!
    A gas engine has a much lower compression ratio so it’s smoother and easier to start with stop start tech. A diesel would be a bit of a neck breaker.

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    Mmmmmmm…. significantly worse performance, peakier and worse engine character/response, higher environmental & physiological damage, marginal at best cost savings. For the love of God, how many times will diesel performance cars have to fail before we all accept them as the bad ideas they are? Anyone notice how here in the US, where we aren’t taxed punitively for consumption, the only folks into diesel performance are Mountain Dew brain-damaged bro truck enthusiasts?

    Hey Ford you know what would get my blood pumping? The 3.7L V6 with a torque vectoring AWD system to power the Focus RS. That’s a better idea than “diesel performace”

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      “Hey Ford you know what would get my blood pumping? The 3.7L V6 with a torque vectoring AWD system to power the Focus RS.”

      Seriously. That’s a “Shut up and take my money” concept right there, especially if they supercharged it.

      Still, diesel is an interesting proposition, though they’d probably be better off with a hybrid diesel-electric. Electric is the future of sports cars. With four wheel motors, they’d even save all the drivetrain weight plus they’d save on brake wear from torque vectoring. Game changing stuff here.

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        Wheel motors are an inelegant solution. Unsprung weight is the enemy of suspension tuning, and it’s not like those wheel motors would weigh any less than inboard motors. I think a gasoline hybrid solution is the ticket. The only thing diesel brings to the table is a higher energy density, which comes at a significantly higher cost. Nah. They should make an ST-H.

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      The only “performance” diesel vehicle I’d prefer over the gasser is probably the Audi SQ5. The diesel is actually faster, and it’s a fat truck so I’m not really concerned about how thrilling it is to drive hard.

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    Torque, torque, torque…

    I’m sorry what was the question?

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    Let’s have some advertising fun with this – in questionable taste, of course!

    “New Focus ST-D! More torque than a methed-up chimp! Tires stickier than a morals charge! Take the rear wheels off and entertain your neighborhood with grotesque, ass-dragging public spectacles!

    Get down to your local Ford dealer and get yourself an ST-D today!”

    Sorry. I’ve been up for two days and it’s finally catching up with me.

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    I told my daughter, Focus, to quit hanging with the wrong crowd.

    She didn’t listen, and as a result, this happened to her.

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    5K redline…same as a ’77 Corvette. Pass.

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    I’m thinking the new 2.3L ecoboost. keep this diesel in Europe for now.

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    Cummins swap when?

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    The appeal of a turbo diesel is something you either get or you don’t – it’s obviously not for the vast majority of Americans.

    I often wonder though – how many people who say they don’t like them based on reading benchmark numbers have actually driven one?
    A Miata ain’t no tire-smoker either folks.

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