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European customers will soon have another option on the table, as the 2015 Ford Focus ST turned up at the 2014 Paris Auto Show with diesel power.

In addition to the 2-liter EcoBoost gasoline engine — capable of 252 horsepower and 270 lb-ft of torque — the hot hatch will have the 2-liter TDCi turbodiesel under the bonnet. The TDCi is the ST’s first-ever diesel powerplant, and will deliver 182 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque to the front through the same six-speed manual as the EcoBoost.

Performance-wise, the turbodiesel moves the ST from nil to 62 mph in 8.1 seconds, and visits the fuel station less often with an average of 67.3 mpg on the European cycle. Stop-start is available for both engines, as well, improving fuel economy by 6 percent.

The Focus ST will arrive in European showrooms starting next year.

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27 Comments on “Paris 2014: 2015 Ford Focus ST Diesel Debuts...”

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    Too bad that’s actually a Focus!

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    I like the revised layout. I’m happy the piano black is gone, the HVAC controls have been revised, and FINALLY they are using a proper 3 spoke flat bottomed wheel for the ST.

    It’s hard to tell from the picture but is that a e-brake release BUTTON? Have they done away with a real e-break?

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      *Cue obligatory outraged comments over lack of “real” e-brake and how this is now a dealbreaker for a former Ford customer, quickly devolving into racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise prejudiced namecalling*

      But yeah, I’d be loath to trust an electric e-brake on a manual car.

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        It’s not a deal breaker. And i’m not entirely sure how a question about said component would devolve into a racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise prejudiced name calling (two words) conversation.

        The car benefits from having a honest-to-God e-brake. It makes winter driving an absolute hoot.

        The comments on this site (now that D.B. Bertel is gone) are generally well informed and for the most part lack the ugliness that you mentioned above.

        This isn’t Autoblog.

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          E-Brake is still there, just hard to see. The center console and e-brake layout would be pretty much the same you get on ST1/ST2 trim of the current Focus ST, in which it is tucked a littler farther rearward and hides between the center console and the seat bolster.

          Electronic E-Brake, while also being the antithesis of what an ST “should be”, would also be too needlessly complicated to introduce during a mid-cycle refresh.

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      The Focus is already using the brakes to help the car rotate, so I don’t see how a hand brake would be that useful. I doubt that most drivers can better apply the ebrake than the computer can.

      I could see it being missed for steep hill starts.

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        Probably has hill start assist. My stripper Fiesta S does. Although I hate it. [It’s turned off].

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          I hated it at first, now I’ve grown accustomed to it. The only time it’s really annoying is when I am parallel parking (my home is on a hill, street parking, natch). It would be nice to leave it in reverse or 1st and just allow the car to roll either back or forward without having to shift 10 times.

          The ST has the WORST TURNING RADIUS IN THE WORLD, necessitating a ton of back and forth getting it into the spot.

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        People who don’t live in the snow belt (I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that this is you?) really have no idea how much fun an e-brake can be in the snow. Putting an electronic brake in there would kill half the fun of driving my ST in the snow.

        The car has a hill start assist.

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    *Obligatory brown wagon query*

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    Ford needs to re-think their nomenclature for the diesel – maybe Focus STD?

    “have you gotten an STD,…lately?”

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    What’s the C in TDCi mean?

    Common-rain injection? People in S. Korea love to put stickers that say “COMMON-RAIL INJECTION” on their cars. I still don’t know what it means.

    I bet krhodes1 knows.

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      Common rail is the highest tech (at the moment) form of fuel injection for diesels. The fuel is pressurized in a common fuel rail between all the injectors, and then the injectors are electronically turned on and off. IIRC is very similar to gas direct injection, just with alot more fuel pressure, up to 44,000psi.

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      Johannes Dutch

      Common-rail injection (introduced in 1997 on the Alfa Romeo 156) and turbo intercooling are so common now that you might as well call all diesels “d” again, like BMW does.

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    We have now officially entered the era where “performance” cars are powered by either lorry engines, or batteries……. And largely due to fear of soda bubbles, out of all things…. No wonder the dudes with properly kitted Hiluxes feel the enemy is starting to look a little soft…

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    Impressive HP and torque numbers for a 2L diesel.

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