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2014 Mercedes CLA

Aside from Infiniti sharing engines with Mercedes, the Daimler-Nissan joint venture will also lead to production of the next-gen CLA and an A-Class sedan at Nissan’s plant in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Automotive News Europe reports Daimler’s board will approve the decision within the next two weeks. Although the GLA crossover was supposed to go over to Mexico originally, insiders claim that the CLA and the unnamed A-Class will take its place.

Production is set to begin in time for exportation to the United States in 2017, with an Infiniti compact — built upon Mercedes’ FWD bones — to join the CLA and A-Class. Annual output is expected to be around 100,000 to 150,000 units.

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14 Comments on “Daimler-Nissan JV To Build Next-Gen CLA, Unnamed A-Class At Mexican Plant...”

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    Gardiner Westbound

    Does this mean the plant will produce Mercedes with Infiniti quality and reliability, or Infinitis with Mercedes quality and reliability?

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      I was JUST about to ask that. I hope it’s the former, sort of. I actually don’t care, because if I’m getting an Infiniti it’s going to be a real Japanese-made one.

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    All the auto-enthusiasts HATE this car and prefer the BMW228 or Audi A3.


    No matter what the ride quality.
    No matter how long it takes for the Start/Stop feature to function.
    No matter the interior headroom.
    No matter the rear legroom.
    No matter the truck capacity.
    No matter the MPG.
    No matter the tire noise.
    No matter the skid pad ratings.
    No matter the 0-60.
    No matter the quarter mile time…


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      Perceived Name Equity is what it’s all about!

      CASE #1

      Question: “What kind of car do you drive?”

      Answer: I DRIVE A MERCEDES.

      (Notice, the answerer never has to actually say “C-class” or “CLA” or “E-class” or even “BENZ” because it’s already established.

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        Or “Sprinter,” in the case of an electrician.

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        My best friend and I were discussing this very thing earlier today. Odd quirk of us Americans that we will go in debt just to pretend we have money. I was there once, but I outgrew it. A lot of people don’t.

        The car is a looker though. Too bad no stick; I’d consider one off-lease if it did.

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        That’s why they choose the alphabet soup names – because they want Mercedes to be the brand that people talk about, not whatever you actually bought.

        Same with BMW, Lincoln, Cadillac, and the others with nearly indistinguishable model names. They want to advertise the brand, rather than specific models.

        I can understand why they do it, even if it backfires on me personally. And, I bet it works wonderfully, too, until your entry level product becomes the brand…

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      I agree that the A3 and 228 are superior to the CLA. But don’t underestimate the looks of the Benz.

      The A3 looks like a 1996 A4 – not a bad thing, but not amazing. The 228 looks like a 428, left in the dryer too long. Again, not ugly, but not great.

      The CLA, on the other hand, is a real looker, especially in silvers and greys, which are so common. Not that I would buy one, but I certainly admire the job Mercedes did in fitting their design language around a small vehicle.

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    Or TTAC staff in General

    PLEASE do me a favor and post the CLA vs. BMW228 vs. Audi A3 sales figures. I’m interested in seeing what “THE PEOPLE” have to say…

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    Their new ad campaign should be: “This is not your father’s Mercedes-Benz.”

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    I like how it’s built in “Hotwaters” Mexico.

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    Go to YouTube and type in “Mercedes enthusiasts reaction to the CLA”

    It’s classic.

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