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infiniti esq 1

Yesterday, we received word of the China-only Infiniti ESQ crossover, which is really the Nissan Juke minus the Nissan. Today, we have some spy shots and some information on the ESQ.

CarNewsChina reports the ESQ will enter the market by the end of the year, and will have few differences in appearance with the Juke, though most consumers won’t likely know about the badge-engineering exercise on the showroom floor; the Juke is not sold at all either as an import or as a locally made product.

Infiniti’s crossover will be assembled by the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture, and will have the same 1.6-liter turbo delivering 200 horsepower and 184 ft-lb of torque to all four corners via CVT as the Juke Nismo. No price of admission has been given thus far.

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15 Comments on “2015 Infiniti ESQ Caught In The Wet In Spy Photos...”

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    Still ridiculously ugly.

    But everyone has a price:

    If they’d make this as fast as the Juke that beats a Veyron in the 1/4th (but loses by a fraction of a second in the 1-mile) and gave it an automatic transmission…

    …and sold it for less than $50,000…

    …I could ALMOST see myself in one.

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    You have GOT to be kidding!

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    I am shocked. This is the most important story TTAC can come up with? You would think TTAC would be all over the newest Ford scandal … you know the one … where they reduced all their hybrid MPGS. Not a word in 24 hours.

    Hey, is anyone surprised? What else would you expect from an engineering department run by an Indian? The excuse is just too much … claiming a mistake was made that took a while to catch. Let me guess … you missed the Consumer Reports article flagging MPG problems in Ford hybrids.

    Amazing how the media, for the most part, is hiding this story. The media will hide any negative story about a domestic automaker since they were all bailed out by the Obama administration. TTAC, where is the outrage? If TTAC ever publishes the story, you can bet someone within half a days drive of that cesspool called metro Detroit will complain about the Toyota Camry in the comment section.

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    30-mile fetch

    I find I eventually warm up to most cars I initially find repulsive. Not this one. As ugly and pointless as day one. Poked around a $28K example waiting for an oil change and unless it drives like an absolute revelation, I don’t understand where the money went.

    It would have been a good joke to pry an Infiniti badge off a Q50 and glue it on to this thing, but now you can get them from the factory that way. Which is actually still a pretty good joke.

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    All that counts is what Chinese think.

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    heavy handle

    It looks like a Juke with chrome trim. Big deal.

    I don’t understand why the internets are up in arms about this. Is it really such a bad thing that Nissan will be selling the Juke in China with a different trim package?

    I didn’t realize that so many people were so protective of the Juke. It’s not motherhood and apple pie, it’s just a small crossover.
    Speaking of which, someone at my wife’s work drives a Sentra with chrome trim. I think it looks better than your standard Sentra. Will the B&B get all upset about that? (“Nissan has begrimed the purity of the chromeless base Sentra! How dare they!”).

    BTW: if this comment offends you, it’s time to take your sarcasm detector in for a tune-up.

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    I wish there was so much tall fESQue around it that I couldn’t see it.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I still can’t get over the fact that the U.S.-market Juke feels hopelessly cheap (which is one reason that I steered my grandmother toward the Kia Soul instead), but these design modifications are, to my eyes, improvements.

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