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This is the Land Rover Discovery concept, which will preview the replacement for both the LR2 and LR4. Back in the early 2000’s, our EIC bought a 5-speed manual Discovery, before it was internet-cool to own a manual version of an obscure car. (Sadly, it was even longer ago than that — the first of my four Land Rovers was a five-speed, zero-option SD that I took delivery of from LR Sewickley in June of 1997! — JB) Rest assured, this car will not be obscure if you live in the right ZIP code.

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19 Comments on “New York 2014: Disco Inferno...”

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    One does have to wonder when offering basically the same car and shape gets old.

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      I’m glad I’m not the only one. What a waste of stamping dies.

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        Land Rover is one lazy farking company, just like Aston Martin.

        It’s more than ironic that Clarkson incessantly rags on Porsche for being lazy in the design department, yet Land Rover has managed to move the four corners of the rectangle so few degrees from the original edges, with the exception of the Evoque, which happens to be an overpriced, loud, choppy riding POS (with a Ford 2.0 ecoboost stuffed under the hood) that has a backseat that only midgets or children could find comfortable.

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      Car enthusiasts are the most fickle angry keyboard mob.

      Company relentlessly evolves a design incrementally with each generation making steady improvements across all aspects of the product’s performance, style, capability, fuel economy and comfort? BORING!

      Company cooks up something controversial, challenging, unique and new (Bangle @ BMW)? STUPID! UGLY!

      And god forbid anyone makes a vehicle somewhere between a Camry or a McLaren P1! The only people who buy those are clueless, status seeking proles and chavs looking to show off in the mall parking lot with their Coach handbags.

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        Porsche, for all their relentlessness, is the same shape since God knows when. I’m far from the market, but Ferrari is my pick. At least they move forward. And they’re Italian.

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        The problem is really the nature of internet commenting.

        It is clear that people comment more when they dislike something than when they like it. So the majority of the comments are complaints, regardless of how many people out there actually like the original post.

        After the first flurry of complaints, the people who liked the original post are now angry, so they complain about the complaints. And so it goes.

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        Lol…+1 gakoenig.

        I like it, but frankly would never even consider buying one (if I had the cash) due to reliability horror stories. But that’s for the 2nd and 3rd string owners to worry about, I’m sure the 1%’ers who buy them new could care less,

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      Hehe, it works for Aston :)

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    Monotony Motors

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    You guys are collectively missing a trick by not enjoying the minutae involved with evolving vehicle design. Dig deep, find change, discuss.

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    White Shadow

    Looks fantastic! Classic LR design with a modern twist.

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    From the outside, it looks like a renamed Ford Explorer.

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    I don’t know how this could look less like the current LR4 unless it looked like a 911. It does resemble the new LR Sport (which is gorgeous), which resembles the Evoque, which was pretty freaking unique and great looking.

    The only other car I can see that looks truly similar is the current Durango, which several of you love. I’d really be curious to see the crappy cars that all the Negative Nancies on this site drive.

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    So which other things look like this?

    Regular RR (98% sized)
    RR Sport (87% sized)
    Evoque (65% sized)

    LR2 (ancient design sized)

    You can’t make all the models look like copies of the RR! The Discovery has always had different styling. Always!

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      As the driver of an ’04, I can’t agree more.
      LR3/LR4 was alright – modern take on the classic Disco/LR styling, whereas this is just another abomination meant to appeal to the mommy crowd

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