2015 BMW M4 Convertible Is Best, Bro

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
2015 bmw m4 convertible is best bro

Credit to BMW for taking 90 lbs out of the last M3 – this new droptop M4 sheds the weight of a small adolescent human, though at 4,055 lbs, it’s no lightweight. The M4 coupe weighs in at just over 3,500 lbs.

The twin-turbo straight six puts out 425 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque, which is available from just 1,850 lb-ft of torque. Yes, the V8 is gone, but in the real world, the new six should be crushingly quick, unlike the melodic but rev-hungry bent-eight. 60 mph comes up in 4.2 seconds if you opt for the dual-clutch gearbox, or 4.4 seconds with the six-speed manual.

It’s easy to rag on the M4 ragtop (err..hardtop) for its porkier, more leisurely approach to performance driving. The stereotypical droptop M4 driver is more concerned with catching rays than clipping apexes. But that’s why they make the M4 coupe – and the delicious M3 sedan.

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  • Cpthaddock Cpthaddock on Apr 04, 2014

    I find it easier to beleieve that folks are cross shopping the M3 sedan and M4 coupe than either of those against the convertible. The differences between the 2 and 4 door versions are relativeley minor in comparison. I doubt anyone out there with an itch to be seperated from their $$$ is surprised of heartbroken by the (likely) $10k premium and 400lb to 500lb weight penalty. Folks shopping seriously for a convertible are not cross shopping a fixed roof model because in most cases they already understand the compromises a convertible involves. Living with one is a different matter - you can't anticipate everything until you've lived it in the real world, but that's an entirely different discussion.

    • Hubcap Hubcap on Apr 04, 2014

      I'd take a Miata Club PRHT over a soft top any day of the week. There's an a$$ for every seat.

  • Thecavanaughs Thecavanaughs on Jul 13, 2014

    Wow- look at all the haters. Pathetic. I hope Every one of you loves you car and I'm sure you picked the right car for you and your place in life. As a 42 year old doctor in a warm climate, this car is perfect for me. I have mine purchased for euro delivery at the end of September. This will replace my 6 year old e93 M3 cabrio which brought a smile to my face everyday. I want a sporty luxury hard top convertible- and I don't like SLs. So what are choices? R8 is soft top. Porsche is soft top. And my new M4 fully optioned including ceramic brakes is half the price of a California. I just can't explain how little it matters to me if the self-proclaimed purists approve of my car.

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